Incredible Series : Table designs inspired by nature

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I Love to see furniture pieces which are functional, unique and embraces natural form. It has more to do with retaining the original shape and form than taking away from it. These furniture not only pleases the senses it is also a way of celebrating the beauty and uniqueness of nature.

I have put together some designs that have the appeal and beauty to inspire you to look for one for your home.

The branches are the focal design that make this table so fabulous. Love the way the knots and imperfections have been left untouched, adding to its character. Beautiful piece of art !

One can look at this table from any angle and appreciate the beauty of form. The different colors of the core and the interesting way its put together is so impressive. A conversation starter for sure.

 The design is inspired by a tree and cast in metal. For those who love nature and like the convenience of metal. It does not lose any of the charm,the glitter of metal and form catches ones interest for sure.

Another design which is an arty assembly of branches and wood. The design is so engaging and refreshing. It goes with any decor and color scheme and creates a place for itself.

This is how it should be celebrated, nature in its truest form. No wasting of wood in carving and smoothing, raw and beautiful. A perfect coffee table and a tribute to nature.

It is wonderful how we can all make the best of what we take from nature and use it to the full potential while keeping it aesthetically beautiful. If we can cut on wasteful furniture design and turn to natural form it can be inspiring and so rewarding. I hope you all get inspired too !

Bedroom : 7 Zen designs to inspire.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Zen bedroom designs are beautiful for its simplicity and the positivity it brings to home. It incorporates soothing colors on the walls and suitable flooring like wood laminate or bamboo, with simple designs for wall decoration. Keeping the furniture to basic and clean lines help the energy flow. Declutter and include all the elements of nature, plants, water and light.

Simple and clean ! A beautiful set of pieces to grant the elegance and beauty to this Zen bedroom design.

Wood in different forms make this zen decor complete. The platform bed in wood, chest and the bamboo mat. The look is serene and peaceful.

Green and peaceful, the blue on the wall reminds of clear skies. A lot of oriental art here to add to the bedroom decor which is definitely Zen.

A beautiful mix of wooden texture, the blinds, the slat flooring and the wooden furniture. The color red is very oriental in appeal and the art pieces are also keeping with the Zen design.

Soft blue, airy and the light brings in lots of energy. Zen designs are open plans with minimal yet beautiful furniture. The whole look is simple yet attractive.

I love how the red brick is used so effectively to create this amazing Zen bedroom design. Creative idea for lofts. Using red as the focal color the design is functional and beautiful !

Zen design for bedroom does not necessary include oriental elements. Its a design with simplicity and beauty. This bedroom has that without even a single orient accent. Make it the way you like it.

Make your own perfect design for zen decor. Use these layout and pictures to inspire yourself to create your perfect blend of functional yet simple and beautiful bedroom.

Home Decor : Gypsy style !

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Gypsy decor is for the boho and young at heart. It includes all colors, beautiful patters and lots and lots of elements coming together to create a unique look. Think of putting together vintage pieces from the 70s to adding kitsch cushions from India and colorful beads from Africa and decorative pieces from Russia and still have a beautiful unique space that indulges the senses.

Bring together beautiful prints, swatches and create a wall of multi-facets and beautiful colors. How cool does it look.

Go for the funny and bold, add the zing, create your own designs. Bring elements uncommon together to create a unique gypsy decor.

This totally represents variety and fusion. The wall has images vintage, painted, thrifted, collected and they just hold up ones attention. Lush color and gold details. Love it !

Bring in colors ! Make it dramatic by all means. This beautiful colorful chandelier is just that, beads and faceted crystals to add to your Bohemia sense and home decor.

Infusion of furniture and art from around the world. Gypsy theme and decor is simple in its principle of all encompassing. An eye for aesthetic is essential to do justice to this look.
This bedroom has a gypsy look with all the colors and elements. The canopy bed, colorful rug and salvaged table. The theme is an idea to use all that's available to create a beautiful decor.

Each piece in this design is a conversation starter. The color and patter is rich with a warm and fun feeling. The whole look is uplifted by the wall design and colorful rug. Pretty indeed !

If you are looking to put together a few stray pieces of furniture and your favourite paintings with a lush affect, try the gypsy theme. The decor is easy and thrifty way to come up with a beautiful home design. Inspiring :)

Living Room : 7 looks - 7 different colors

Monday, July 12, 2010

Here I bring some ideas for living room in different shades and color. The layout and use of colors will inspire you to recreate or to choose your own way of doing up your home. Get inspired by the lovely designs.

Powder blue, the softest of shade to bring out the lightness and airiness of the room. The beautiful pop pf green and pink add the necessary punch to enliven the whole set.

An unusual color with beautiful result. The room is calming and soothing with the relief of white and green. The variety of prints keeps it interesting and stylish.

Peace and symmetry! I love how this room brings together the boldness of blue to the airiness of the billowing curtains in lovely shades of blue. It adds to many shades to keep the eye roving. Lovely !

This color is so classy and compliments wooden shades of brown. The mantle is the focal point with interesting wall paper and the lovely accent pieces.

There are so many shades of blue here, and complimenting it is gray. An unusual combination to jazz up the room. A perfect soothing space to unwind after a day.

This room is so stylish and it makes the space vibrant. The room is small in size but the effect is gorgeous. Perfect for the stylish who would love oomph.

Perfect for lounging anytime. The design is clutter free and simple. Easy to recreate and gorgeous to live in. Light and airy, soothing to senses.

Let the color speak to you. Choose according to your personality and lifestyle and create the design around the color.These design ideas will help you do just that. Get inspired :)

Living Room : Spring-Summer

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Bright and sunny! I came across this living room design on this site and fell in love with it. The elements are absolutely refreshing and mix of colors is so fun. With summer and spring as the theme, this living room has beautiful light colors and flowery prints. One can feel life and all the energy and freshness of spring in its decor and detailing.

The pan view of the living room. The color scheme is made up of yellow, ocher, cream and flowery pattern to add to the zing.

Check out the detailing, the ruffles in yellow and rust and cream. Ideal way to do up any space with minimal clutter.

The color yellow is know for its properties of warmth and happiness. With ocher and ivory/white it provides the right pop of color to brighten up the area.

Too much of a single color can be overpowering. The rust red/cream is the perfect foil to bring out the lightness of the beautiful patterned throw and yellow used in the room.

Detailing and choosing the right pieces for the room is important. Here less is more, and the layout is comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.

Use natural light and flowers to the best advantage. Spring/summer is light and beautiful. Take a break from the heavy winter drapes and colors and let life shine. Bring peace and happiness into your homes.

Designer Walls : Color-rama 2 !!

Here are some fantastic ideas to do up the walls of your home. Take a look at my other post on Designer Walls for more ideas.

Soothing green for pleasant affect with flowery design. Simple and tasteful! Looks amazing with the shabby chic white table.

Combination : Sap green + Forest green + Pink + white

Simple sophistication. This wall design looks specially good because of the accent colors of white and yellow.

 Combination : Yellow green in muted shade + Yellow +White

A pop of green brings out the depth of brown and white wall paper design. Interesting animal pattern with floral detailing. Retro modern look.

Combination : Brown + White +  Green

Feminine and cheerful. This look is neither overpowering nor cluttered. The colors blend beautifully to make a pretty impact. The sheers together with the dark pink.

Combination : White + Pink + Mauve

Refreshing teal and brown against ivory white. Retro inspired pattern. This wall design is one of my fav, the wall pattern just transforms the corner from ordinary to inspiring !

Combination : Teal blue + Ivory white + Brown

Green is a beautiful shade for indoor with lots of natural streaming in. The combination of ivory white and steel and the dash of blue and pink creates a cheerful and elegant space.

Combination : Green + Ivory white + Dash of pink and blue

This is a gorgeous design in red brown.It speaks of festivities and sophistication. The color mix is simple and the result is stunning. Great way to let the walls dictate the look.

Combination : Red brown + White

Wall design in a beautiful motif, strategically used can create a stunning look. This gray stone wall paper makes for a beautiful focal point. As stylish as it gets.

Combination : Grey + Black + Brown + White

Check out my previous post on wall designs and this is just the second part. I will be doing more posts on wall designs and ideas to use them to decorate your homes.

9 Fantastic ideas to design Home Office !

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Its important to have a place uncluttered, organized and efficient for productive work. Home office should be all that as well as comfortable with lots of lighting, space and the environment should get you going !

Its all about style and functionality. Choose the style that suits your taste and bring in functionality and ease of modern technology, and you have a perfect solution. For modern spaces and apartments the space designated should also be considered, simple but holistic.

Here are few of the ideas for home office design I have picked for you.

Retro Chic

This design uses natural source of light, is tastefully done and is simple in its approach. A mix of accents and elements that drives your imagination and makes it a welcome spot to work.

Energy of Orange 

Orange is a beautiful warm color which radiates a lot of energy and positivity. Using it bring spirit of industriousness and optimism. Dress up the area with some choice accents and you have a nook transformed into a beautiful workplace

Vintage in black and white

This design for home office has some really interesting collection of artifacts and paintings. This personal touch adds to the enjoyment of working. Keep it clutter free but do add a few accent pieces that brings happiness and pleasant memories.

 Spacious and Stylish

 This design is so inviting for the simple reason that it brings in 'nature' to rescue the tiredness of a days work. Using real plants and placing the table for natural light, harmony of green and white, it all comes together to create this fabulous home office design.

Modern in black and white

 For places with space constraint, this ideas works perfectly. The streamlined table and chair, a stylish decal and minimal accent all work beautifully. If you are looking for a design on a budget which is functional as well as stylish this should inspire you.

Classy and Modern

The idea is to bring in together larger furniture and smaller items like art work and lighting in a way that makes for a beautiful space. The functionality is essential for any home office design. The layout is simple and the cool colors work so well.

Masculine and Chic

This space is full of unique artifacts and the space is definitely male. The shelves in black, and the strong impact of colors like red and black are irresistible. A very interesting idea for an interesting personality.

Apartment style : Simple and Compact

This is one beautiful setup for small spaces. A compact space like a coat closet,  is utilized to full extent. with wiring and some extra storage this is surely going to be a favourite for many who live in apartments or do not a too much space or resource at disposal. The colors make this space so lively and fun.

Shabby Chic
The simple cupboard has been transformed into a work station for home office. The uniqueness lies in its simplicity and a solution to an easy makeover. Working from home and yet not much to invest, this might just be what you are looking for.

All these designs are to inspire you to create your own perfect space. Borrow from one or use ideas from all to create your own stylish and beautiful space. Get inspired !

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