Christmas Craft : Creative Pasta Ornaments and More!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Christmas is fast approaching!!We have a whole series of posts centered around Christmas coming up just for you lovely readers :)

Crafting and decorating is a fun part of Christmas. You must have checked our post on 'Christmas Craft ideas for Kids'..if not, follow the link, you will love it!

We keeping looking for easy, budget craft ideas for kids and teens. It's time to look into your pantry for ingredients because today we have all the inspiration you need to craft these gorgeous Christmas ornaments, table top Christmas trees and garland with Pasta!!

Do these even look like pasta on foam wreath? Love these Christmas ornaments, specially the colors. They will look cheerful just about anywhere!

from here

There are so many versions of pasta angels, these by far are my favorites! Lovely singing musicians. They would make gorgeous gift as a set too!

from here

A little bit of geometric symmetry. Let your kids try sticking simple Vs and then glue them in different patterns. White glue and glitter glue is all you would need!

from here

A little bit more coordination, and little kids can easily follow this pattern to make beautiful stars! There is no substitute to the feeling of creating something :-)

from here

If glue is too messy for your liking, lets make a simple pasta garland! Gold glitter, twine and pasta is all you need, this craft sure looks addictive ;-)

from here

Cute table top Christmas tree idea. A foam cone, painted pasta and glue to make trees for an elaborate tablescape. Use glitter or spray white for a snowy effect.

Simple steps to beautiful craft!

from here

Similar to the one above, just more glittery and grand! Use spiral pasta and paint it gold. Stick shiny red beads for contrast.

from here


  • Use white glue, it dries clear. 
  • Once the entire pattern is stuck, rewash it with a little bit of watered down glue to help reinforce.
  • Color it after its glued well and dry, use bright gold or bright popping ones!
  •  For a difficult surface, spray paint would work better, specially with tricky twisted pasta (tree above!)
  •  Be sure to get your twine or ribbon in! You can hot glue it too.

Some simple patterns to get your creativity flowing!

from here

We at love hearing from you! Please leave us your thoughts and comments. They inspire us :)

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