13 Interesting headboard designs!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Interesting headboard add a complete twist to boring bed! Even the most basic bed can be a totally amazing with a little creative touch to it. Some of these ideas are a simple upcycle, using room separator screens in a new way. Others are more dramatic like vintage mirrors and floating shelves. There are lots of way you can find functionality and style when choosing a new headboard design.

A pretty powder blue screen is used as a headboard. The intricate design and extra height makes it the focal point and adds so much charm to the bedroom.

If you are big on theme decor, this Hawaiian bedroom is perfect in every way! The exotic cushions, colorful lei and to top it all natural bamboo headboard! It even doubles up as a pin board. heart it :c)

Sometimes even a basic bed frame can be decorated to up the style quotient! These hand made coffee filter flower have been stained by coffee and the garland is unique and a surprise addition. Easy diy!

Keep it simple yet artistic! An easy idea to decorate basic headboard is to hang a colorful rug/crocheted afghan or fabric remnant from curtain fabric for an instant makeover. Quick and easy to customize.

Finding a colorful headboard for in your chosen color palette might be sometimes difficult . Look for paintings and art work and hang them over the bed for an unconventional twist. 

So smitten by this Moroccan inspired bedroom! Delicate filigree work tiles look gorgeous on pastel blue wall. The setup is minimalistic yet looks absolutely classy and elegant.

Fabulous Bohemian style bedroom! Love the many colors and mixed prints. Quirky cute vintage mirror are an unexpected addition. So many fabulous details in this design, totally in love! ~ Bucket ottoman?!

From an inspiring mix of colors to this crisp bedroom design! The floating shelves are great to store books and display decoration. They are within easy reach and perfect if you love reading in bed ;c)

This is perfect if you are on a budget or looking for diy ideas to decorate your dorm. Paint a headboard on the wall and use stencils or wall decal to add details. Would be extra special if you can paint it yourself. The possibilities are endless!!

Lots of storage and shelves built into the headboard. Teens spend a lot of time gaming, studying, hanging out with friends in their bedroom. Having their stuff easily reachable yet organized is a fabulous idea! It would leave the rest of floor clear too.

Rescue a vintage tri fold mirror and give it a new life as headboard! Prop it up on a base and secure it to the walls for a fabulous headboard. Such a genius of an idea, love the character it adds to this bedroom.

A beautiful slice of tree trunk in all its lovely details! Stunning headboard design and organic shape makes it one of a kind. Perfect size and sits pretty in the sparse furnished loft. So elegant!

An iron room divider is propped against the wall as a headboard! Cute lacey design and lovely distressed color. This would be perfect to hang swags of sheer fabric, garland or pictures and postcards. So many ways to 'embellish' it for holidays and occasions!

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