Bedroom for babies: Start designing for your little star!!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Babies are so special, designing their rooms is a delight and a lot of fun. Think of all the colors and themes and happy decor ideas, there are so many choices and something to suit your budget.

The room centers around the crib and should have comfortable furniture (when nursing and putting them to sleep), peaceful atmosphere as well as lot of sunlight. The colors can be bold with strong lines, or have a soothing dreamy look. Get inspired by these designs and find your perfect theme, make their room the most charming beautiful place for your little one.

Lovely bedroom design for your baby,it is sunny, cheerful and fun! Love the colors here..Fab !

Beautiful retro design for your little one, the quirkiness, flowery settee and the adorable horse. I am smitten :)

Colors to brighten up your life! The design is so fun and stylish, very bright, just right to catch little one's eye. Orange is a beautiful color choice.

Stylish and elegant. A baby's room should be comfortable and welcoming. The color and design is unique and looks lovely with the dark wood crib. 

This theme is such a stunner. The little detailing in accents and decoration is so thoughtful. Specially love the shells & fishes hanging on the window. My favourite theme for baby's room of the lot !!

Let your imagination take over. This design is so dreamy, the pastels and pink flamingos. A surprise theme but so stunning in execution. Love the pompom rug and toffee cushion too.

This is a theme for the cowboy fans !! Brilliant detailing and am surprised how good the blue and hide design look together. If you were looking for a west America theme, this is the perfect one :)

The themes and designs here are just the few to help your imagination. Keep working on your personal favorite, it may be the colors or some painting that you like. There is no end to creativity, so get inspired.

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