Unique Dresser & Chest of drawers designs !

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Choosing the right furniture can be a great addition to any room. The aesthetics , design and storage space are key factors in finding the perfect dresser or chest of drawers for your room. Hallways can have additional storage by addition of a stylish chest of drawers.

An important factor when choosing the style and size is the space available, it can be narrow and tall or larger. Try to determine what you might be storing in it to select the right depth and height of drawers. There are many ways to design and decorate them, here are some of my best picks to inspire you !!

I love how terrific the blue and straw look together. Absolutely perfect for a beach house, or add a beachy feel to your home. Specially like the cute bird figure.

Decoupage is a great way to reinvent vintage furniture. How lovely do these tables look together. Boho gypsy look for an interesting look. I am so taken by the colors here.

This dresser is so interesting, the beautiful slim drawers. The color is perfect for rustic cottage look. This is so vintage and pretty. 

How about a makeover for your old dresser. Try this super cool design for your teens room, writing, stamps and hearts, vintage postcard theme for the traveler in you. My favourite makeover !!

This is such a classy design for any mid-century inspiration. The makeover is completed with many grains of wood laminate, an interesting way to upcycle old dresser. Such a delight !

Yet another easy design for your dresser. This is perfect for a kid's room, easy to do and lovely pop of color. This is a great way to redo in any color combination of your choice. My diy pick.

This dresser is such an exceptional design. Unique and strangely interesting. Not an easy makeover, but will surely be a conversation starter :-)

This is a vintage dresser which has been given a new look with lovely stenciled design. The knobs are such a beauty. The whole look is so stylish and modern.

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