Christmas Decoration Ideas: Theme Colors (Part 3)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

This is the Third part of Theme decoration for Christmas. Keep revamping holiday decorations for fresh new feel. Try out new looks, new colors and style it according to your personality. Add a fluidity to the entire decoration, make your work easier and challenging at the same time.

My absolute favourite tip is to look into thrift stores and vintage stores to pick some unusual trinkets, trims, ribbons and baubles and design around it. Look for porcelain, Victorian, or Shiney Brite from Poland and Japan. Its eco-friendly and the money goes to a good cause too. Make someone's Christmas happy!

Theme decoration Ideas: Red-White

Love that this dining room stays true to inspiration. Done entirely in red and white its a fantastic burst of color perfect for Christmas!

Nothing really difficult to pull off but how pretty this display looks! Perfect table-centerpiece for the holiday.

A table setting done entirely in red-white combination. Very festive and vintage chic.

Mantel decoration in red and white. Good way to display Christmas cards and lovely craft idea!

Theme Decoration Ideas: Green and Red

Love this traditional Christmas tree display! Such a cute bunch of Santa Claus too.

Hallway done up for Christmas. Entryway always makes an impact.

Simple and elegant decoration. The pop of yellow is just right!

Table setting in Green and Red is so perfect for Christmas morning/night!

Wreath made of Cedar leaves and ribbons, could be an easy diy too.

Christmas Decoration Ideas: White

Not an easy one to pull off but white Christmas decoration looks ethereal! Imagine Snow outside and white decorations inside :) Use just a little pop of color to make it even more elegant.

Such a unique twist to a traditional Christmas tree. Edgy and fun!

Love the soft elegance. White is a statement color, projects calmness and purity.

Another good craft idea to display pine cones. Make a diorama, display it on your mantel even as table centerpiece.

Love all the details in this. The pale wall paper is the perfect backdrop for muted colors and brings out the vibrancy of green.

I have used 'love' so many times in this post! Truth is I am smitten by the creativity displayed in each of the theme colors. Hope these help you decide your choice of Christmas decoration and inspires you to experiment with new themes!

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