Christmas Decoration Ideas: Theme Colors (Part 2)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Christmas theme decoration is a fun concept and adds a newness to holiday celebrations. Keep it unique every time and enjoy the challenges of creativity and bask in the appreciation! I absolutely enjoy using new color combinations, it adds a flow to the entire decoration.

Check out Part 1 of Christmas Decoration Ideas in Colorful Retro, Pink and Blue themes.

This post has some unique color combination to inspire you to use themes this Christmas. Green and white is an evergreen combination. A Christmas with a twist, ideas in Lilac-purple-silver combination. And the absolutely fab Metallic theme in Golden ans Silver!

Theme decoration Ideas: Green-White

A beautiful Green-White combination for this stylish cottage style decor. Love the simple beauty, its exotic without being over the top. 

The mantel looks like a diorama! Love the scenic recreation. Christmas tree in Green and neutrals has an under stated elegance.

Love the shiny snowflakes and baubles! The cedar bunches in vintage silver adds elegance and traditional appeal to it.

This monochromatic green Christmas tree looks so exotic in the warm backdrop of a wooden living room.

Theme decoration Ideas: Purple-Lilac-Silver

Christmas with a twist!! I am so taken by the visual appeal of this Christmas theme. Every details in the decor are so well coordinated. Truly unique!

Lilac-purple looks great with white and silver. Add a pop of purple for an exotic appeal this holiday.

A beautiful coordinated table setting in lilac/purple. Love the eclectic choice of color and so inspired!

Theme decoration Ideas: Silver-Vintage

Gorgeous Silver theme for Christmas! Love the display of vintage silver trays on the mantel.

Easy tip: Cake stand filled with silver baubles for an elegant display. Gorgeous!

Elegant sophistication of Vintage silverware and beautiful foliage with silver stars interspersed.

To keep the theme going, decorate your home with a Silver wreath. Stunning!

Theme decoration Ideas: Golden-Brown

Golden theme. A stunning mantel display. It will surely be the focal point in the room.

There are so many cute little details that make this table setting so fabulous! Such a joy :o)

Over the top!! Totally screaming festive, a laden with gold Christmas tree. Its specially stands out against the stark white wall. Brown and Gold is an evergreen combination.

My love for vintage makes this a favourite! Each Christmas bauble is hand picked and displayed with such elegance. Precious!

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