Christmas Decoration Ideas: Theme Colors (Part 1)

Monday, November 14, 2011

Christmas is fast approaching!! Choose from a variety of themes to make is extra fun. Lots of ideas in this post to decorate your home this holiday in beautiful theme colors. Pick a color that describes your family's personality and style. You are sure to enjoy designing, displaying and showing your creativity!! Have an amazing Christmas this year :o)

Theme decoration Ideas : Blue-Turquoise-Silver

Christmas tree decorated in Blue and Silver! Love the delicate feel :)

A shimmery glittering mix of baubles.

Christmas table setting in lovely blue and silver. Turquoise is so stylish!

Inspiration for Blue and Silver table setting. Love the Christmas bon-bons!

Theme Decoration Idea: Vintage-Retro-Colorful !!

My absolute favorite!! A eye popping gorgeous mix of colorful baubles. Retro pop :)

A burst of color on a snowy winter morning to warm up your hearts.

Easy, inexpensive sophistication!! Love the simple elegance.

This is such an amazing table setting. Festivity at its very best..swoon.. :o)

If you have a stash of vintage shiny brites, use them to decorate dinner table. The eclectic mix will add oodles of charm!!

Theme Decoration Idea: Burst-of-Pink!!

Have a little princess who wants everything pink? I am sure this will make her Christmas absolutely awesome!

Use paper clips to hang baubles. The pastel pink baubles look delish! 

Pink room and candy pink Christmas!! What a gorgeous dose of pink, love the bright Orange and Blue contrast. It adds to the sophistication.

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