Using Mirrors more creatively !

Thursday, August 20, 2009

It is important that Mirror not only be used in bathrooms and bedroom but for decorating any space in the entire house !

It is specially useful to bring the light because of being reflective in nature and it create an impression of space. So whether its your balcony or hallway, over your living area..add it to any space and it will jazz it up in no time !!

Mirrors come in all shapes and size and its framing gives you the satisfaction of designing it according to your taste. Make it wooden, line it with shells and pebbles or use any metal...just go on and be creative.

Budget restraints ??!!?? Not to worry a simple assembly of mirrors can turn any stark corner into an interesting one !! You would love to look into it and admire :)

Put flowers or interesting nick knacks and the reflection will make the piece of decoration twice more beautiful.

Its sober as much as classy !! It speaks of style..get one for your room today and watch it transform.

It suits all age groups so just keep changing the layout and make it quirky !!

Plane Glass might be not enough so get some beveled and mix them up as shown below..

See how beautifully it reflects the light and adds romance to this simple setting !

Interesting framing and choice of color can be an easy way to effortless chic.

Use them in singles or get a group of them in different shapes and hang them on to your wall..They have the added advantage of being easy to dismount and keep rearranging at your will !!

So Classy !!

Uber cool and totally fun..such an easy installation.

Children's bed: A whole world in its own !!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I am sure you would agree that for a kid his bed is special!! It is here where he dreams and day dreams. It not only forms the center of his room but also his world i.e his room. A comfortable bed is important for sound sleep so that your little ones wake up to a day full of vigor!!

All this but at the same time it should be enticing enough to get them to spend time on it so that they can sleep. It will witness pillow fights and sweet lullaby and so many stories as the child grows up. A bed can offers so much variations in terms of the cushions, pillows and the throw you use.
It is easy to do up a bed once you have made up your mind or rather your little one has made up her mind on what she would like. It can be as diverse as color, animal or her hobby, even a favourite character, the choices are limitless.

I am presenting here a selection of interesting beds which will surely give you inspiration to decorate and create a special one for your little ones :)

Bed for Girls

This delightful bed makes the theme for the room with butterflies everywhere !! The appliqued butterflies in different sizes are adding to the 'real' factor as are the butterfly nets on the wall.
I would love to steal the idea of appliqueing butterfly motifs on white curtains to bring the outdoors indoor. Even the wall has the same theme with the beautiful border running across. Very pretty !!

This has to be the bedroom of an aspiring ballerina. The colors and the texture of the drape are of the tutu with beautiful pastel pink and purple. Notice the toffee cushion on the bed, its a nice touch along with the ballerina shoes hanging from the bedframe. I totally love the asymmetrical canopy !

A 'minnie mouse' theme. One can do a similar kind in desired theme with loads of fabric and decoration in the prints of desired toon. Check out the 'Fairy princess' theme and the 'Flower and greens' theme too.

This bed and the room decor is all about echoing a color pattern throughout. The repetition of the flower and greens makes it so soothing to eyes. A great inspiration for home makers !!

Another Canopy 'ballerina' bed but with a difference. The fabric is beautiful and brings the homogeneity to this room. Small touches like the purple heart shaped rug add to the charm.

This is a perfect example of creating the best out of resources. The throw and the pillow covers seems to decide the theme which is then artistically resonated in the lovely cushions. The Crown cushions grabs our attention and explains the 'fairy princess' theme. Fairly simple but great result !

Bed for boys

This bed IS the center of the room. It is not just a 'bed' but also a cabinet with space to display And an activity center too. A bunk bed for your little ones or an easy invitation for a friend to spend a night.

This is one of the most imaginative theme. I love the way 'ocean wave' has been put on to the wall and it creates a neat display rack while catching ones interest right away !! The head board is an inspiration in itself.

The bed covers and the pillow cases are perfect for the theme as are the snorkeling accessories.

A bright color can brighten any room!! Here the color is not so much on the wall as everywhere else. Great idea for those looking at creating their own designs. This can be done in pretty much any color depending on your choice.

Another bed which in itself will keep the little guys busy !! Those who love soccer will adore their rooms for this and a great way to keep them busy while under your eyes :D

Bedroom for infants: Start planning the space for the new ones

Friday, August 14, 2009

Bedroom for the Infants are as much for the parents as for the baby !! Young moms and dads would find themselves caring, nursing and spending a lot of time checking on the baby in this room.

It is of utmost importance to have a bright clutter free atmosphere and at the same time it is also a room which will always hold a very special place in your hearts. Think of the months of preparation that goes into decorating this room and thought that goes into each and every nook and corner.

I love doing up this room and am bringing to you some of my favourite designs. Hope all of you find loads of ideas and inspiration in them.

Let me begin with a color scheme which is vibrant and beautiful in the way it reflects light into the room. This room has lots of character in terms of the drapes in it, the ways the side panels showcases toys and also the comfort.

A spacious room which is oddly shaped but a beautiful arrangements brings out the airiness. The color purple is unusual but still looks fab!! An inspiration !!

Everything about this room speaks of a little angel who is its occupant. The prints on the curtain is carried into the pillows and cushion and lining and makes it a common thread. Look how interesting the powder blue looks against the pink !

This next layout is perfect for a small space and look how uncluttered it is. It has the nursing chair and a beautiful dollhouse that shelves the nick knacks that adds to the interest. The blue rug is a focal point.More than any other factor is how one personalises the room which makes it interesting. I loved this shadow box for a little girl, and how amazing it looks.

For those who want to break out of 'Pink' and 'Blue' this presents a great option !! Peach bedroom :)

Another example in pink and white

A bedroom with white color scheme with splashes of pink and blue !!

Now that we have seen so many 'pink' bedroom check out the 'blue' ones and give your baby boy a great place to enjoy !!


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