Autumn Trends: Fall home decor inspiration!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Autumn colors are so gorgeous! Fall inspired decor ideas for those who love warm colors; balmy orange, rust red and soothing tan. These ideas will help decide your own color palette inspired by these vibrant colors.

Beautiful sophisticated decor in combination of warm brown, orange and yellow pillows. Perfect combination for Autumn and winter.

This wallpaper is popping with bright punches of pink and orange! The simple burlap armchair make for a lovely reading spot on a cold evening.

Love the gorgeous contrast between the pastel brown and bright cheerful orange dining set. So many interesting details in this retro chic dining room.

Living room with details in stripes. The color combination is appealing and vibrant. The rattan chest used as coffee table adds so much to this warm setting.

Retro eclectic living room in bright orange and yellow as accent colors. Remember to use turquoise to make this color combination interesting. Love the book shelves.

The chocolate brown adds a gorgeous contrast to the rusty red, orange and splashes of yellow.

An open plan living room in delightful colors. An orange sofa set can be used as a accessory to brighten up the any space. Turquoise adds to the style and charm.

Love the profusion of colors and brightness. Vibrant and energetic, orange, red, yellow and turquoise in an appealing balance.

There are so many details that I love in this setup. Keep the summer going even in autumn and winter!

Oriental style bedroom with beautiful silk headboards. The accessories are so important in any room decor. Love the flower theme here.

The fall leaves wall design is so gorgeous. Little cushions in woollen cases can be upcycled sweaters. A crafty touch for the winters.

Each color palette has endless possibilities. These beautiful warm colors are sophisticated and stylish. Using red and orange in combination with yellow and turquoise can brighten up any room. Enjoy these ideas and inspiration for making some season inspired room decor changes.

Ladders : Repurpose, reuse and recycle!!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Love how a simple ladder, its unique shape can be given a new lease of life, re-purposed to fit as functional furniture in just about any where in a home. I love recycling ideas and being crafty and environment conscious is a great way to celebrate interior decorating and designing.

Think out of the box and use ladder in unexpected ways, turn it into a side table, a bath rack, a kitchen stand, or multiple shelves. Here are some awesome ways to convert a simple humble ladder into an interesting piece of furniture.

All this step ladder needed is a fresh coat of bright paint. It is a perfect sturdy shelf for your patio, kitchen or conservatory. Re purposing can be so easy!

Shabby chic and stylish! Rescue an old ladder to make your own unique side table. Charming chic!


This is an easy makeover. Shabby weathered ladder can be reused to such a lovely effect! Love :-)

Perfect for a backyard/patio get together. An ideal way to hang pretty hurricane lamps to create a perfect evening setting. So inspiring!

Transform a simple ladder into a lovely tall rack of shelves. Love the inexpensive, unique transformation!

Another way to use the ladder rungs for hanging stoles and scarfs. What a fantastic unique inspiration!

Another cool way to use a ladder for holding shoes and accessories. Awesome space saver. Great for a dorm and small apartments.

This lovely wooden ladder fits right into the rustic modern kitchen. Perfect accent color and high functionality.

These row of steps have been extended to form longer shelves by adding simple planks.Adapting for more storage. A steal for cottage style shabby chic decor.

Another take at the same idea. Uber chic!

This is such a lovely festive look for Christmas. You can score points on being crafty, imaginative, and thrifty! Great value for money and easy makeover.

Fun unique way to decorate for Christmas! Love the shiny pretty baubles against the shabby weathered ladder. My favourite!

This is such a great idea! Rescue an old rustic ladder, give it a complete makeover and make it a lovely center piece. I am so smitten and impressed!

Rescue, reuse and give new life and functionality to old furniture. It challenges creativity and encourages eco sensitivity. Look for some ways to re purpose before discarding furniture. Hope this inspires you to look at old shabby furniture in a new light! Reuse and recycle!!

Chalkboard paint: Ideas for craft and makeovers!!!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Chalkboard paint is a fun concept which is easy, durable, functional and relatively inexpensive way to crate a slate like chalkboard surface. Instant makeovers that is easy to brush on many kinds of surface and make it into a canvas for memos, doodling and all kinds of fun things to write and draw!! Perfect for a home with kids or grownups who love to create and doodle too. Encourage creativity, art, talent and imagination in your homes!!

Ideas and DIYs for makeovers are available in plenty over the internet. I have a chosen selection of some transformations which are absolutely doable and add so much value and creativity to any mundane furniture or wall.

Love this fantastic closet door makeover! Instant lift to creative talent and imagination for kids and adult. You can keep changing the theme and colors everyday! So fun :-)

Regular store furniture can look so cute and personalized. Dresser for doodling and learning!

Change the theme to what ever the little one hearts or even as your heart pleases ; )

Chalkboard surface is not just for kids. This elegant living room is personalised with lovely quotations and notes to self. A good craft for any age and room.

How about letting kids doodle while cooking and finishing chores. Low height is perfect for toddlers and little ones. My favorite!

Use chalkboard paint and make a miniature chalkboard for your hallway or living room. Write fun notes, jokes and seasonal greetings, make everyday special!

Love this garage makeover. This is functional and looks amazing. Great way to organize and find your tools without messing and wasting time.

Chalkboard message center for a colorful boho dining room. The colorful chalk add a lovely punch on the black surface. A wonderful accent piece for your home.

Easy simple use. Make a cute shape, at low height for toddlers and paint it with chalkboard paint for instant chalkboard finish! Kids will love showcasing their talent.

For teenagers use chalkboard paint on a smaller portion on the wall at eye level. It makes for a lovely impact on pale blue walls. Easy craft idea at little cost. Unleash their imagination.

Super cute makeover! Perfect for marking guests names and drinks at dinner parties, these glasses can be customized with a simple stroke of chalk and cleaned easily with a damp sponge.

Ingenious way to turn a bunch of colorful spice bottles into a quirky wall art!

Impressive use of chalkboard paint for an easy makeover. Coffee table is perfect for any space and home. Who can resist such a cute idea!

Home is all about redecorating and improving our daily lives. A bottle of chalkboard paint holds a promise for fun, easy and inexpensive makeovers. Its a wonderful way to encourage some doodling, writing some thoughts, leaving messages for your family and even your to-do lists! Get inspired and add a touch to your homes!!

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