Rustic distressed furniture: Reclaimed wood diy ideas!

Monday, April 30, 2012

Distressed wood furniture has a distinct charm and old world elegance. It fits in great even in boho decor, or modern contemporary interiors. Add a gorgeous piece of distressed wood furniture to elevate your home decor while adding character!

Inspiration for this post came from my previous post on Rustic decor ideas. Rustic pieces of furniture have an earthy flavor and can be integrated in so many ways! Look for instructions to create your own distressed look without breaking the bank. You will love the addition!

Love the edgy rawness this cabinet brings to the hallway. An unusual sea green color, and simple clean lines. Absolutely elegant and so pleasing to eyes!

Look for distressed, antique furniture or even rescue broken down pieces and get crafty. Here a vintage rustic door is used as headboard. Even in the high end decor the headboard adds so much character!

French Provencal decor in pretty white and pink! A simple cottage style, the chairs in worn down wood looks so fabulous. Perfect setting for an evening tea :c)

Distressed, worn furniture can look amazing even in kid's room. Lust after this antique sledge bed! The whole setup is so charming and comfortable. Love love!!

Rescue weathered fences and prop them as headboard! A very simple project and the result is stunning. Great for those working within budget. Gray and yellow colors look amazing too!

Use distressed wooden planks for your attic. Even with absolutely bare walls, it looks gorgeous! Aged wood adds so much character to this sky lit, sleek space! Perfect for a get together with friends.

Understated elegance in ivory and hint of brown! So unique and amazing carved furniture. The weathered look is so unusual, yet perfectly fits in this decor. Inspiring!

Quaint cottage setting! The distressed wood coffee table is a bit of a surprise. The shape and texture is rich in charm and elegance. Delicate pastel colors makes this living room a summer oasis.

Wonderful mix of iron and wood for a unique side table! Industrial chic at its exotic best. The color combination is so fun and spunky! Good choice for young adults and will be perfect for lofts.

An old rescued window adds to the charm in the simple bright window seat. The muted colors and fresh feel is so inviting. Perfect reading corner, I want :-)

Theme Inspiration: Rustic cottage style decor ideas!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Rustic decor is a beautiful charming style of decorating! Its based on raw, textural and can look elegant and sophisticated. There is a whole range of ideas and usage. One can transform a space with lovely rustic furniture and typical accents like trellis and wooden details. Infact its possible to borrow from this really earthy country feel and bring it to any home or apartment.

Use your aesthetic sense to pick pieces of furniture, art or home furnishings that add a lovely dose of this fabulous decor. My love for open air and rustic furniture has inspired me to put together these lovely ideas. Hope you are inspired too!

Love this exotic bedroom! Great way to feature the vaulted ceiling and the amazing view. Cottage style decor is so visually appealing. There is minimum furniture, pendant lamp is the only perfect addition.

Rustic decor is not just for cabins or country style houses. This charming style adds warmth and unique flair to any space. This apartment living room has woven mat, distressed wood furnishing and burlap accent cushions. Such a vibrant decor!

The light wooden color seems to be the central theme in this bright sunny living room. A variety of texture, central to rustic decor, breaks to monotony. Fun pattern upholstery add a punch of color and energy!

Gorgeous woodland backdrop and huge open windows lends a wonderful energy to the living room. Rustic decor has elements of natural fiber and textures. Combination of burlap, seagrass and rattan are used with great result.

Just dabbling in country decor? Transform one corner at a time. Rustic textures look great even in modern contemporary furniture. Traditional and elegant it adds to the over all visual appeal and details.

Surrounded by flowers and open airy windows this sun room has an awesome setting. The wicker sofa set and french provencal detailing are so appealing. It is so welcoming and absolutely charming!

Eye popping gorgeous wood plank wall! This can easily inspire envy ;c) Simple furnishing and details, the rustic walls are the focal attraction of this country cabin style kitchenette. Textures have such beauty!

Adding colorful patterned upholstery adds to the warmth and charm of this country style dining alcove. Loving the teal and fuchsia pink combination. This little nook is so inspiring, heart it!!

Beach cottage bathroom decor. A beautiful accent selection. It has a polished look with use of soft pastel colors and textured wooden wall. Rustic decor style can be interpreted in many ways!

Gorgeous wooden flooring is the star in this bathroom! This country style bath has lots of interesting details, and the flooring is classic. Vintage claw footed bathtub and tiled wall complement beautifully.

Shabby chic and distressed furniture. One area which can always benefit from a little rustic flair is the garden or porch. Use details like trellis or arbors for a country appeal. Add lots of cushions to make it comfortable.

Diy Inspiration: Dresser makeover ideas!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Love makeovers! There is so much character in old wonderfully made furniture that its sad to getting rid of them. If you have recently purchased or rescued a bland, boring or dresser in distressed state, I sure hope you find inspiration in the ideas presented in this post.

Get your creativity flowing and transform your furniture, give them a new lease of life and bask in the satisfaction of beautiful transformation! There are so many ways/ideas to add newness and color. Think of bright paints, vintage atlas, music books or even wall papers. Stenciling and decals are always an option too!

Renew damaged surface with coats of bright colorful paint! Sometimes its easy to just sand and paint a dresser to match a chosen theme, like striped here. Interesting colors and fun pattern for a teen room.

Another quick and easy idea is to use fabric cutouts and glue them. It is low in cost and high in impact. Use the same fabric as accent upholstery, a soft board or cushions for a complete transformation!

Specially cool for dorms and home office! Find some mod podge and use newspaper or magazines for decoupage. Its a neat way to cover surface damages and you score points for creativity too!

Dressers and cabinets can become pieces of creative expression. This oriental theme cabinet is so gorgeous! The newspaper base is easy, use decals to add more details. How quirky are those cord door pulls!!

When looking for makeover, don't shy away from colors. Use interesting prints and wall paper to create an absolutely unique furniture. Patterns and prints add depth to any space. Try unusual!

If you have a dresser without drawers or a bookshelf, its easy to revamp with a few baskets/bins! Its easy to organize, and totally customizable. Use colorful paper and mod podge to brighten it up.

from here

Sometimes the easiest makeovers are the most adorable. Simple red and white stripes, use carpenter's tape for marking. Add a vintage touch with salvaged hardware. Love the gorgeous gray backdrop too!

A lovely girly bedroom! Delicate floral decoupage to make a common side table more sophisticated. Use a sharp knife or buy laser cut paper designs for this simple yet elegant craft. Pretty!

Rescue a vintage magazine or music book and paste it over interesting furniture pieces. This french cottage decor is so charming. There are endless ways to decoupage for an ideal fit with your decor.

Those with fine painting skills have such a gift! The chest has amazing detailing to begin with , but the stunning painting elevates it to just exotic! How lucky to own an art like this.

Love the delicate ombre dresser, specially the sea foam color. Have you got a box of tinned sample paint? Use them to create your one gradient shade dresser. Its an easy project and completely unique!

Spring-summer special: Living room ideas in Floral!!

Friday, April 20, 2012

The gloomy winter is gone, and its time to let the cheer and beauty of spring fill your home! Inspired by the lovely blooms every where, I have gathered some absolutely gorgeous living room designs in bright floral hues. Let the bright, vibrant colors transform the mood of the space. Hope these colorful living room decor leave you wanting some color in your homes too!!

Lush floral prints for upholstery. The sophisticated pastels is so charming. Mix prints to relax the effect, and add a variety of textures to make it more interesting!

Different shades of pink add depth to this living room done entirely in Pink and White. The vibrancy in this room is so unique. Floral print is used with such great result! Perfect cheery update.

Yellow and Green are such an invigorating combination. Green has a soothing effect, and yellow adds energy. Polka dots in black is so unusual. I could spend my entire day here!! My favorite :c)

What gorgeous wall paper! Red has special significance in orient culture. This stunning floral wall paper is the perfect focal wall for an interesting decor. I am completely blown away!

Vibrant bright colors have a lively fresh appeal. The bunch of bougainvillea in the fire place just sets the tone for perfect spring decor. Include lots of fresh flowers for a gorgeous result!!

Spring turns everything a delicate green. Bring the same freshness to decor. This retro mod looking living room is so appealing. Different shades and textures add a variety to this green and white living room. Heart the daisy pillow!!

Focal wall is a perfect way to change up the decor. Use a colorful wall paper to add an interesting twist to an otherwise dull living room. A perfect backdrop for spring-summer season.

Aquamarine blue with soft floral print. This shabby chic decor is so elegant. A wonderful classic country look. A lovely corner to enjoy some tea and conversation on a spring afternoon.

A gorgeous mix of colors and prints for a boho style living room. The deep purple and colorful colors come together for an eclectic decor. Love the red and teal rug. Absolutely love!

Spring Inspiration: Patio garden designs for apartment and backyard!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Spring has the quality of freshness and beauty! It is colorful and energetic and the ideal time to be outdoors. If you have been thinking about adding a garden to your patio, this post has some gorgeous designs to get you totally smitten!

Be it a small apartment balcony or a luxurious backyard patio space, make the most of the wonderful spring time and delight your senses with a fabulous garden. Enjoy an early morning breakfast or a romantic dinner in your own beautiful sensuous garden.

A select color theme and rustic appeal! Serene and stress free, unwind in your own oasis of spring bounty. Repurpose baskets, old crates, watering cans etc for this eclectic cottage style garden!

For a really small patio use contrast to work for you! Paint rails a neutral shade, and remember darker colors make patio look larger. Few bright colorful flowers will look clutter free. Perfect spot for conversation!!

Hang shelves from the rail, this way you can rotate the flowering pots! Use light weight pottery that can be moved easily. Make sure to leave the floor space open for patio furniture for you to sit back and enjoy!!

For those who love mature plants and topiary, this is a fabulous design. Add just a few mature plants for easy maintenance. Mix water saver in the soil for spring florals, to help retain moisture. Less of daily watering!

Choose your plants wisely! Consider the sun/shade, dimension of the patio, growth and maturity of the plants you are choosing. Visit local nurseries for suggestions. Use pottery of different heights to add more density and depth to your garden!

Mixing pots and urns of different size and shape can make for a very appealing look. Keep the color palette similar to avoid color clashes. The patio should look like a peaceful artistic adobe for your senses!

With the space constraint of a patio, boxes mounted on rails leave room for entertaining. Mix colorful spring flowers to brighten up the area, add small trees, bushes and create your own little zen world :c)


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