Easter craft and fun activities for kids: Pretty Egg decorations!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Easter is almost here! I have been away, but am back with some interesting ideas for Easter craft!! Dyeing Easter eggs is a beautiful tradition. There are some really cool twists and variations for those looking for new ways to decorate and delight little ones :)

Use a whole variety of things and easy techniques to get these gorgeous colorful eggs ready in no time! Great way to spend evenings and building a family tradition. Ingenious little tips and tricks to create lovely floral designs sans dyeing and absolutely great for different levels of crafting.

Pretty pastel floral designs in glitter!! Use punched designs on ultra-thin double sided tape, peel carefully and dip/sprinkle glitter on them. The best part is how you can go over each pattern individually to create a really colorful design. Easy and quick! 

Have you saved up an old magazine/calender with lovely details? Here is an easy way to display and wow everyone! Use dyed eggs or brown eggs, speckle them with some paint (try spraying with a toothbrush with thinned paint) and glue cutouts or stickers on them! Makes for a wonderful centerpiece too :)

If you love polka dots, this is such a cute idea. Open a bobby pin and dip them in colors to create perfect dots. Get creative and let your kids have fun! You can also make use of rubber tipped pencils or top end of paint brushes etc.

Kids love working with white glue! Get lots of colorful craft twine, dip them in white glue and make colorful spirals! Alternatively you could just keep dabbing white glue on the eggs as you go around it. Use lace, wool or colorful threads. These would look great on an egg tree!

My favorite of the lot and so much fun! Use colorful tape (Japanese washi tape) and stick bits of it to create a fun pattern! These colorful tape are no mess and perfect for little fingers too! Add muffin liner in grass pattern and you are all set! Almost addictive ;)

Use rubber bands and masking tape to mark out designs and have fun painting without hassles. Layer your paints and let them dry in between. Love the rustic look and amazing color combination. So fabulous!

Punched designs from card stock make for easy embellishments! Artistic layering of designs for this modern twist to traditional Easter eggs! Love the simplicity and ease of this crafty inspiration :)

Another variation of double sided craft tape! Use thin slivers to create fun pattern, sprinkle them with colorful glitter and place them as centerpiece on your Easter lunch table setting. 

Felt or self adhesive foam stickers can be the easiest and absolutely no mess idea for kids! You can use double sided tape or white glue to secure the designs! Pass some green paper through paper shredder to get instant Easter grass :)

Decoupage using white glue and pretty tissue paper. These look so gorgeous and a unique craft project! If you have been looking for some lovely inspiration for Easter holidays this sure deserves a try.

This should help with the supplies and the basic technique! Let your creative juices flow :)

Love these funny quirky egg cozies! Made of felt, these would make perfect Easter gift for friends and co-workers. Whimsical little gem!

Stunning design! Simple punched paper designs have been scoured and placed with such an artistic flair. Beautiful design, this just elevates punched paper craft to a whole new level!

Stuffed cloth eggs. Love the country feel and the fabulous patterns! If you are as much an admirer of country cottage decor. This is perfect for your home. Can't get over the tailor's tape place mat either : P

Use simple floral stickers or punch some pretty designs and decorate plastic/foam eggs in no time! Specially good if you have impatient little ones who are just getting into crafting.

Bright polka dots on rainbow colored eggs! Egg hunting would be so much fun with these bright eggs peeking out from the grass :D

Dainty wild flowers placed in egg shells! Something so simple and stunning. Pick some spring blooms and create a unique centerpiece or decoration for foyer table. Lovely freshness.

Quite out of tune with Easter holiday but these are just so fabulous! Dress up some boiled eggs with tomatoes and olives. A sprig of fresh coriander and some cloves and whole black pepper :D Book mark it for Halloween craft! Kids will squeal with delight!!


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