Theme Design: Same room, different colors!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Colors add a lot of character to a room. It can enliven, brighten or have a soothing calm effect. There is a lot of psychology behind the spectrum of colors. Knowing its attributes will help create the right ambiance for your lovely home. Check out our previous post on 'Same room, Different color scheme'.

Colors can help to open up space, white, green, yellow gives an expansive feel. Red, purple and burgundy have a rich luxurious appeal when used well. Choose your perfect color combination for best result!

The combination of citrus yellow and red is full of energy and liveliness. The combination is perfect for spring/summer. Love the welcoming appeal!

A gorgeous combination of shades of purple with cool white. The color purple is strong on its own, but the different shades and pattern as here, breaks the intensity.

Green is by far my favorite color when it comes to mix and match! Its earthiness is cool and calming, love floral prints and different textures. Friendly and happy :)

A white on white to show how much colors bring to spaces. Its bright and expansive, white off can be a difficult choice, add some grays and black and it can be exotic!

And of course the best is a lovely fusion of different accent color on a neutral background. Each color has its own aura and brings a new dimension to the palette. Enjoy every bit of your choice, mix textures, shades and prints!

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Theme Design: Interesting bookshelves and storage ideas!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Storage is a big concern and to have interesting as well as functional solutions is the way to take away the boredom. Think of fun and innovative designs. A great conversation starter and your expression of creativity.

Books, dvds and music albums have a way of gathering over the years, its always a good idea to make allowance for their display and storage. In this post, there are some funky and new twist to traditional shelving options. They are no longer boring, behind doors, but in focus and totally within reach!

Tight space, tossbetween a fireplace or shelves for your collection, move the fireplace to the corner and you have a perfect reading corner! Love the delicate ledge for displaying art :)

Specially suitable for lofts and bachelor pads! These pipe shelves are just so cool and has the masculine industrial vibe to it. Cost effective diy, a unique functional storage option!

Custom built in shelves is a good idea if you have high ceiling! The shelves are minimum intrusion, built on both sides of entrance to dressing room. A perfect personal space tucked away.

If shelves is the only solution, do fun, interesting designs. This honeycomb inspired modern design is a good focal point, and the colorful book bindings just pop! A practical idea with the right twist!

A neat space, without losing aesthetic appeal! Make the best of under stairs area and custom built shelves to house your book collection and curious. Perfect for duplex and basements!

Amazing combination of comfort and functionality! Gorgeous design for book lovers, keep your books handy with comfortable seating. Twist on traditional reading corner, perfect for modern condo space!

A lot of interior design depends upon your interpretation. This retro mod wall art has a dual function. Keep those 'going to read' books handy and declutter the floor. Simple and attractive!

Love this color wheel arrangement of books! A very simple concept but the result is so amazing. Get your family together this holiday and have a lot of fun doing this. Totally eye popping!

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