Theme Inspiration: 15 Hallway decorating ideas!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Hallway is often the first place in your home that a visitor would see. Its a prominent part of your home and deserves some special focus too. This post has some unique ideas to decorate the entryway or hallway for an ideal first impression.

Designing and decorating hallway can be a challenge, specially because of its narrow area. However, good lighting, furnishing, wall art and accent pieces can make hallway a beautiful part of your home. Take time to look at these ideas and inspiration and brighten up this space.

Designing hallway makes a great first impression! It gets a lot of use and deserves careful attention and planning. Having a cheerful, well decorated entryway will make walking into your home a pleasure and enhance the effect of your home interiors. Treat this area as special and put extra effort and creativity in decorating it!!

Theme Design: Green home decor ideas and inspration!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Its the first day of Autumn!! Summer is over, but I am not quite over it yet :-)

In this post are some gorgeous home decor ideas in green. Its fun, chic and full of punch! The many shades of green are perfect for every corner of your home. Use it in combination for white or neutral shade for best result.

Living room, kitchen, patio/porch and bath designs in green color scheme or as an accent color. Get Inspired!!

Teen bedroom designs: Modern Space saving ideas- II

Friday, September 23, 2011

Designing teen bedroom can be a fun challenge. There are a lot of factors to consider when designing and decorating one. The use of space, color mix and the furniture all of them should provide for space for all essential. It should have a dedicated study area, ample wardrobe, and some open space too. The focus should be on a comfortable space with good lighting and uncluttered to keep the mood happy and creative.

Each of the design here have modern minimalist decor and are space efficient. The look is cool and fun with the advantage of an uncluttered pleasant living space. Perfect for apartments and smaller rooms, these design are aesthetically beautiful, and space conserving at the same time.

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 Perfect for siblings or twins, this bedroom is space efficient and very pretty. The pastel color combination brigs relief to eyes and the mix of pattern keeps it light and fun. There is optimum space utilization.

The neat idea of having a pull out bed under the corner elevated study area is so innovative! Once the bed is push in,  free space increases for more living/playing area. A perfect solution for city apartment!

The spacious look and bright red is so invigorating! Each part of a kid's day has been taken into account and there are designated space for unwinding, studying and sleep. Simple and stylish!

Green is often associated with peace and serenity. This lovely combination of white, green and light wood. The emphasis is again on keeping it functional with maximum space conservation. Clean lines and simple furniture add to the decluttered look.

This teen bedroom idea is special in the way it reflects light to make the space look bigger and crisp. The floor finish has mirror like reflection and bounces the natural light for maximum effect.

The beautiful punch of colors will appeal to teenagers. Blue and orange makes this teen room lively and bright. Two beds in a small room and yet a clean crisp result.

Sheer ingenuity! This bedroom is really tiny. and yet the space is used to maximum potential. I can imagine it a high rise in Tokyo/LA, where space is really expensive! High on functional quotient with aesthetically viable looks.

Notice how the curved closet is so streamlined and almost acts like a reflector for the light from the window. A fantastic corner bedroom idea. Its designed for two kids, or a sleepover. Shelves on the wall leaves the floor uncluttered.

Open bedroom plan idea for teenager. There is a lot of enclosed space for storage and the bed is the focal point. The pastel green is a cool shade and adds to the entire aesthetics.

25 Halloween decoration and display ideas!!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ideas to make Halloween even more fun and stunning!! This post has some great display ideas for hallway, centerpieces and also easy kid's craft inspiration.

Some more amazing Halloween ideas you will love are:

Great looking black and white plates look so perfect in this Halloween themed display. Don't bother yourself with real china/ceramic, just get paper plates and color then nice for a quick makeover. Super stylish at budget cost!!

Fireplace has always been a focal point in a living room. Dress it up for the occasion, easy craft store bought leaves and pumpkin with a bit of stenciling is all it takes to get this fabulous result!!

This display is all about getting the themed accessories. Look for nice festive tray and jars in the stores, they are loaded with Halloween colors and designs, create an instant gorgeous display. I would even look for some in thrift stores..they have some really quirky stuff too.

Easy way to dress up the hallway table. Get a quick and easy 'bat tree' with a dried shrub, paint it black and hang some paper bats. Decorate any votive with a paper sleeve with bat design. Ready for your tricksters!

Adore this cute little setup! I would even give away some spooky balloons to some little witch who comes knocking :) Very fun display and so easy to pull off.

Love the simple sophistication of the fall leaves wrapped candles. Get some real leaves or if not quite fall colors yet, look in your craft store. Pumpkin spice candles would be perfect for this season!

Love the elegance of this pretty amazing cake! The black lace looks so pretty, no small feat but give it a go. Its Halloween and no problem having some boo boos, its all good practice. Must try!

This cake looks so delicious! Easy to make and so apt for Halloween.Use box your fav boxed chocolate cake recipe and loads of frosting. Impress your family and friends!

This is a perfect way to bring some Halloween fun to your office space too. This idea is almost mess free and looks so fun. I am sure all of us know someone who are scared of a spider army :P

Love this delightful presentation. maybe more apt for thanksgiving, but a keeper non the less. Love the glazed, roasted look. How impressed would the guests be! The recipe is 'Roast pumpkin couscous salad' :-)

What a crazy mix of all things Halloween!! Go all the way and use your imagination to make your table extra spooky for the season. Booo!

From the crazy spooky table to this beautiful elegant table decoration. Love the table runner in love pumpkin spice color and pumpkin votive with hurricane chimney. This would keep your backyard party alive even late into the night.

This idea for displaying pumpkin craft is so unique and interesting. Perfect for country/cottage style decoration. Uses garden rake as a prop and the display is such a fresh take. I love how the petite pumpkin votive are delicately balanced on the prongs. So fab!

Halloween is one of the most awaited fun holiday for kids. Bring out their creativity and decorate their lovely crafts all over your home. It need not be costly or too time consuming. Here are some fabulous ideas to get their little fingers working and create beautiful gifts and decorations in no time! 

Candy corn! These ideas are simple to execute and look awesome. The bright color adds cheer to any corner. Make one with little effort, and decorate your home.

Place simple carved pumpkins on a cake stand to create an impressive display. Would looks fantastic on the porch, door front or even in the hallway.

 Adding a little bit of extra goes a long way when it comes to presentation! These cupcake look all dessed up for Halloween. Neat tip to decorate your treats!

I love the simplicity and technique of this pumpkin treat. Cut out lots of strips and punch a hole at each end. Run a pipe cleaner through both holes and add a leaf too. Push the strips closer and open them to look like a pumpkin. Add some treat/candy/cupcake before you open the strips to form the round shape. Easy?!!

These are typically the large Easter eggs in plastic that split in halves. But if you have a bag of Easter eggs that split across its still a good idea to work on! Place the eyes on the top half and nose and teeth in the lower one. Ta da! A thrifty fun and impressive craft idea!!

A perfectly safe and no cost idea to make treat bags more festive. Carve out designs on potato halves and let you kids have fun stamping! If they really take to it, making a skull/bat bunting to decorate your hallway/door too. How much easier can it get!

Craft using your home supplies is the best kind of craft! Toilet paper rolls wrapped in orange crepe for pumpkin. Make a little time to dress up lollipops as cute little ghosts! You will surely love the delightful squeals of little ones!

These little spooky pumpkin look absolutely wickedly adorable! Use online templates to get some fun party eye masks designs and there you have a funny bunch of pumpkins!

Yet another nice way to design a bat tree. Use clothes pin and glue paper bats to them. Use them all over the house too or simply get a branch to pop them on! Great diy idea.

Those looking to try their hand at carving, here are few fantastic designs! Make a template, get your thumb tack and scotch tape and get started! OR get some really bright neon yellow and paint it too. As a bonus it will look equally pretty in the mornings too :-)

Hope your creativite side has been tickled enough now :-) Try some new ways to display/celebrate the festive season. Happy Halloween everyone!!

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