7 Retro designs for home and dining room

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Retro look is so much fun and beautiful to create. I love the colors and quirkiness that it brings. Retro is the way to go if you have a love for design that is distinct, colors that add to dimension and style that is unparallel. A far cry from classic or understated, it is a design that has to loved totally before you recreate it in your home.

I have put together a set of ideas for home design, dining area is specially the soul of the home, with family enjoying meals together and entertaining friends and building memories. I specially adore the clean lines and curved shapes of dining chairs, while the simple table with  basic shape and color provides the perfect foil.

Retro white circular table with laminate chairs and vintage table ware. I love how unique and cheerful the whole look is.

The dining room is so full of memorabilia from past and put together with the distinct retro vintage panton chairs, the room is elevated to a testament from the 60s. Lucky ! 

Retro design and decor are know for its vibrant colors. The whole setting is so simple yet sophisticated. The design is interesting and keeps the atmosphere light and beautiful.

I love wire mesh chairs. They are stylish and so versatile. Not easy to come by an entire dining set, create your own. Mix match works wonderfully and what can be more and interesting than hunting for your perfect fit :)

Its all about keeping it unique and interesting. Retro is know for its fun and whimsical design. Use your imagination and create your very own space.

How elegant and stylish. Beautiful ikat print on the stylish chairs, with the absolutely stunning iron table base. I would love to snag this up any day. My favourite :D Retro is the way to be !

Lush colors and lots of it. Not for the faint hearted, enjoy the retro style that way it should be, wholeheartedly ! There is no place for toning down here and yet the energy and vibes are so positive.

6 lovely wall design ideas for kid's room

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I have a special love for decorating kid's room. It is colorful and imaginative and a special place where lots of beautiful memories are created.

It is a space where there is happiness and laughter and the color scheme and design should reflect just that. A lot of fun and bright cheerful motifs. This set of designs are to help you get inspired to create some beautiful designs for your kids bedroom.

This is a simple yet stylish way to bring fun and cheer into your kid's room. Love how the motif can be used as picture frames to put in just any drawing or picture into it.

Pink and flowery! I am sure it would be some little girl's favourite room. The blank wall is a perfect foil for the somewhat large and loud flowery motifs. The room is visually grabbing and delightful.

Bring a little piece of sky inside. The beautiful color of blue and serenity of the decor is absolutely relaxing. No temper tantrums here I think ;) Love the polka dotted rug and simple furniture.

Trite as it maybe Teddy bears still rule a little of everyone's childhood. This room design in brown is different from conventional pink and blue and yet soothing and pleasant. The icon on the wall an absolute cutey!

Lots of pink hearts dancing on the wall. An unusual design for wall but brings a new dimension to the room. It is a perfect idea for smaller rooms to bring n the depth the design offers.

Blue and flowers together may not be a norm. But the design and color scheme does look great. Again the gorgeous design is offset by a white wall to bring balance. A beautiful idea to recreate.


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