Theme Inspiration: Decor Ideas in Pink and Silver Grey!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Grey and pastel pink together have a soft airy quality! These make for a beautfiful if unusual combination and can be used in so many ways. Grey goes well with almost any pastel shade. Combined with Pink it adds a dreamy yet sophisticated touch to any space. Silver, White and Black look amazing as accent colors and add a cohesiveness to this color palette.

Use the softest shades of pink and silver gray will magically let it shine. This color combination is a great theme choice for weddings and parties too. Fluid romantic and beautiful!

The two colors compliment each other so well. The palest of pink crystals and feathers look super chic and the whole set up is absolutely breathtaking!

Grey walls have a lot of possibilities. Paired with Pink it has an understated glamour. Very feminine and posh.

The perfect accent chair in Pink and Grey! Its luxurious lines have a classic charm and would be a great way to explore this unique color combination.

Love this absolutely fab retro pattern wall paper in Pink and Grey! Its the focal point and other elements in the room are woven around it. Perfect for the retro junkie in me :c)

Tranquil, airy and very feminine. The beautiful softer hues add so much charm and elegance to this simple decor. White accent and light from the french window only makes it more inviting.

Cute flowery pillows to add some flair to any space. The pretty cherry blossom motif is so delicate and perfect for this color combination.

Love this subdued classic wall paper. The patterned wall designs are perfect foil for the furniture and upholstery in solid colors. Use pattern with solids in a color theme to really make a statement.

Grey, Pink and Black has been used with great success in this modern teen bedroom. Pink and grey look absolutely amazing as accent colors in this 'Paris' theme room. So well executed!

These blast from the past are my favorite share! Love this 50's- 60's living room. Pink and grey had quite an impact even then. There are so many details in here. Love the color palette and everything in here !

If a girl could dream of a Pink kitchen it would be as cute as this! An overload of pink maybe, but quite a style statement. Don't overlook the lady in a Grey dress to match the color combination. Amazed :c)

This post has been so much fun! Pink and Grey has been in trend since a long time and if used well can look absolutely gorgeous as well as elegant. I hope this dreamy pretty color combination has inspired you to its many possibilities.

Theme Inspiration: Decor Ideas in Yellow and Orange!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Orange and yellow are beautiful warm colors and work great together! These are fabulous colors that have energy and look really cozy and vibrant. Include some neutral color to the palette to bring out these popping colors. Orange and yellow look absolutely sophisticated with teal and pink as accent colors.

The two colors pair so well and look modern chic against grey and charcoal black background. Working with these colors is easy and the ideas in this post will help you decide the combinations that suit your personality and space.

Inspired by nature the dull Gray and popping Orange and yellow make for a visually striking focal wall.

Color Combination : Orange + Yellow + Dull Gray + Black

Yellow and Orange look lovely in this neutral modern living room. They bring a cheerful feeling and warmth to make it really inviting.

Color Combination : Orange + Yellow + Beige + White

Love this lovely porch with Moroccan flair! The unexpected teal and pink look lively against the pristine white backdrop. To me it looks like a painting :c)

Color Combination : Orange + Yellow + Green + Pink + Teal + White

This accent chair in yellow looks fresh and dramatic! The light walls is a perfect canvas to showcase the striking color patterned upholstery.

Color Combination : Orange + Yellow + Beige + White + Pastel pink

An exuberant display of colors. A whimsical bold burst of Pink, Orange and Yellow! A beautiful retro modern feel to it, the upholstery pattern and colors are so gorgeous.

Color Combination : Orange + Yellow + Pink

Color of sunlight Yellow and Orange mimic the beautiful sun rays and add a dollop of cheer to any corner. These beaded Moroccan inspired lantern/votive look absolutely exotic.

Color Combination : Orange + Yellow + Green

Add Orange and Yellow as accent colors in small amount if you are experimenting. These embroidered ethnic cushions are a great way to try this new combination. Lilac and Grey are an unusual choice but look fabulous!

Color Combination : Orange + Yellow + Grey + Lilac

Charming Retro mod kitchen with hot Pink and Yellow flooring. This is such an exotic combination for a kitchen but looks so interesting. No more dull mornings. Love!

Color Combination : Orange + Yellow + Pink + Turquoise blue + Ivory

Simple sophistication! The right amount of yellow and orange elevates this dull boring bedroom to a whole new level. It adds an instant oomph and focal point to the bedroom.

Color Combination : Orange + Yellow + Brown + Beige

Great for teenagers, this color combination has lots of vivacity and energy. Combined with a few other colors makes it a perfect blend of charm and elegance. 

Color Combination : Orange + Yellow + Pink + White

I love the positive vibes of Orange and Yellow! The charm and cheerfulness is addictive. Include it in any form and you are sure to elevate the vibes of the space. The warmth and romance of these colors can add a kick to any room. Hope this inspires you to warm up to these fantastic color combinations!

Valentine's Day Party Ideas! Romantic setting!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Valentine's day is the perfect opportunity to splash your emotions and creativity! This holiday use some fun and beautiful tips to create a lasting memory. Easy fun ideas to help you decorate for that special valentine's date you have been thinking about! Stunning stylish party decoration and settings too. If you believe in less is more, some pretty, uber stylish centerpieces in holiday colors too. Let 'Red' and 'Hearts' rule your space.

Valentine's day = Flowers, candles, hearts, chocolates, pink, red and coziness. Some awesome ideas to help inspire you :c)

Nothing quite like having an alfresco lunch! Beautiful setting for a colorful, cozy lunch. Absolutely bliss!

On a budget? Use a theme color for some extra oomph. Votives, place mats, flowers and some amazing food. Don't forget some nice music. It does look so fresh and inviting :)

This setting is straight out of a fairy tale! Picnic bench would not be a bad choice either. Plop cushions to make it more cozy and festive. Get bunches of wild flower, delicate china to make it a special occasion.

Beautiful french chic dinner decor. Love the red against white. Not too soon after Christmas, keep some crystals and ornaments in red and silver handy to add instant sparkle.

If you have really been waiting for that ultimate inspiration. This is it! Beautiful canopy of sheer white and pretty pink blossom are the perfect setting for a romantic cozy date. Perfection!!

Last minute idea to decorate the table for Valentine's day? Bring out some candles and crystals. Amazing how Christmas decoration can be used to brighten it up effortlessly. Use just a few to keep it classy ;c)

Now for some easy, fun craft decorations to celebrate Valentine's Day!

Fun flirty heart bunting to add the holiday cheer to any space! Hang it on the doorway, mantle, window or your headboard. Make variations with felt, beads, lace or simple card stock.

Get thrifty crafty! Use colorful paper to wrap around lamp shades and easy change. Make sure you only glue paper to paper though!
One can find so many heart shaped cookie and chocolate boxes. Mod podge them with colorful wrapping paper or make mini collages with photos. They look so elegant and classy!

Add just a hint of holiday and romance to your work place too. Vintage silver teapots and creamers with some pretty flower buds. Do insert a small glass vase (with water) inside to keep metal from tarnishing!

This is my favorite! For a casual surprise, pick colorful flowers and let float them in a can of water. Add a candle too and a few drop of favorite essence if appreciated. Reminds me of Rainbow in a bucket!

A pretty flowery string of light with add glamor to any nook in an instant! Fill a big glass vase with Christmas lights to create a fun centerpiece. 
I believe used dryer sheets can be used to make these pretty flowers too. Try ironing them at high temperature to check their heat resistance first!

Understated elegance! Love this lovely setting. Perfect for dorms and apartments, use a little creativity to break out of monotonous store bought decorations. So impressive!

Valentine's day is a beautiful holiday to celebrate love in our lives. Make it a memorable event and enjoy every aspect of selecting, planning, creating and decorating your homes. Have fun and enjoy the holiday. Be inspired!

15 Valentine's day Craft ideas for Kids and Teens!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Its going to be Valentine's day soon! There are so many holiday craft ideas floating around. Here are some amazing diy/craft ideas for sweet little gifts and easy decor accessories for the special day! Unique hand made cards and thoughtful gifts have a beautiful sentimental value. Its like holding a tangible piece of appreciation and emotion.

Cute, quirky and sweet; choose the ideas that express you best and have fun making these little valentine's craft. This post has some great ideas for teen and young adults too who would like to try their hands at craft.

Cute Valentines idea for friends at school. Perfect for elementary kids, its cute and sensible too. Really easy and affordable!

Kids love candy, and this is super sweet and simple. Falls perfectly right in the tradition of hearts and flowers on Valentine's day!

Another beautiful variation of lollipop valentine's favour. Little girls love butterflies and Pink. You can customize it with colorful stickers, glitter and colored card-stock.

Instructions here

Love the quirky cute lollipop moustache and red lips! Get card stock, trace, cut and punch holes. It's a fairly easy valentine idea and sure to get lots of giggles. Make them in different colors for more fun :c)

My favourite craft idea by far! Use toilet paper/paper towel roll and card-stock. The craft is quite simple when broken down in steps. These would look so great displayed on desk tops .

Instructions here

If your kids love drawing, and would love someone to teach them draw, THIS is for you! So many cute drawings and the best part its all done with Numbers and Alphabets.

Step by step instruction to create an adorable Valentine's day Card! Love it!!!

 Instructions here

Easy Valentines day card with hearts and cute themes. Hand made cards add a personal touch too. Add embellishments and detailing for a more elaborate look.

Easy 'Hearts on a string' bunting. Perfect accessory to glam up any corner for Valentine's day. Garlands are a great holiday craft!

Another easy variation of Heart bunting without glue/tape. Need paper strips & a stapler. It's a super quick craft, gorgeous in any color. Use them as garland, hang them by the window or mantel.

Love Birds on Valentine's day! These will look so cute when displayed. There might be space to stick a secret message just under the bird's body. Very unusual and creative!

A beautiful keepsake on Valentine's day. This shadow box is so romantic yet elegant in its simplicity! A perfect way to delight your partner. In such refined taste!

Add a festive touch  to Valentine's day event! String paper hearts on wire/string to decorate any candle or votive. Use glitter and spangles to add more pop.

Elegant heart luminary. Plain brown paper bags or use colorful party supplies, punch hearts/use x acto knife and you are done! Iron on a warm setting if you end up wrinkling the bag too much ;c) Perfect for a cozy dinner table.

Lovely sequin Hearts on a string as bookmark! These are useful and absolutely stunning. Easy craft project for teens. Could also use them as bracelets or hair tie (replace string with elastic cord).

11 Amazing bedroom decor ideas in Black and White!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Black and white are beautiful contrasting colors. Using both together adds a dose of drama and elegance to any space. Though not the conventional color choice for bedroom decor, it has so much style and sophistication to offer. Black and White looks gorgeous with metal colors like chrome and silver, any bright color just adds to the drama and depth to the decor.

 An unusual choice, but if used well, nothing can looks quite as striking as Black and White themed decor. This post has some beautiful inspiration for getting you inspired. Use this fresh, clean color palette to add style and oomph to any space.

Black, White and Gray make for an awesome combination.The different shades of Gray adds so much drama to this modern elegant bedroom.

White is airy, bright and with just a bit of black this simple room is elevated to high sophistication! Any bits  of bright color will add to the pop! Perfect for apartments and loft.

Charcoal black and white at visually appealing best! My absolute favorite is the textured focal wall. This room is feminine and packs a punch at the same time. Love the impact! 

White wall is the most common color. If you are on a budget just add some tasteful bits and accents of black to decorate. The lace headboard (digital print on canvas) has a Moroccan flair and looks stunning!

Break the monotony of Black and White by using different pattern and prints. The variety helps relax eyes and also adds depth to the room. Use lots of white to keep it bright.

Beautiful pastel Gray walls helps bridge the gap between Black and White in this Mediterranean modern bedroom. The splashes of red add cheer and charm to this quaint bedroom.

This bedroom is almost entirely done in Black. The palest of silver and gray helps offset the dark interiors. Perfect canvas for displaying colors. Perfect only for few.

A perfect balance of Black and White! Silver and mirror are great contrast for this decor. The stark white wall and floor reflects maximum light and keeps it vibrant!

Combination of Silver, Gray, Black and White beings instant sophistication to any room. Use different variety of texture and pattern and the result is stunning!

Teen boy's bedroom done in Black and White. Simple clutter free space, just the hint of masculine style. So many interesting details for decorating a teen/young adult room.

Chic cheerful bedroom decor done in Black and White. Cappuccino wood is perfect for this color palette, and you can switch the color combination too. Dark stained instead of black is a ideal choice.

Among the many color combination, Black and White is most dramatic. It however is a beautiful combination and in right dose it can look so sophisticated. Hope this post inspired you to use these wonderful colors!

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