11 Creative Gift-wrapping Ideas for Christmas!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I love to showcase creative ways to make every moment special. Christmas is just around the corner, and while your search for the perfect gift is on, here are some absolutely fun creative ways to wrap! Perfect for all levels of skill and budget friendly too.

Enjoy the holiday season and with these craft ideas have the most fun creating. There are so many ideas perfect for wrapping gifts for kids, grandparents and everyone! For more ideas check out an earlier post on 20 more ways!!

Little snowman for Christmas! Swatches of felt, pom poms and some ribbons. Easy blanket stitch, and fabric glue. Make the snowman into a brooch, pin on jacket or hats/bags!

Easy burlap covered recycled tins for gifting goodies. Use mod podge/fabric glue, vintage ephemera, flowers or beads. Decorate it just as you like. So elegant!

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Cutest of them all! Perfect for doting grandparents, uncles and aunts. Use your kid's drawings as gift wraps. They would love little artist's work as much as the gift itself. Love!

Nifty craft idea for teens. Punch holes on box and stitch any pattern. Heart would be perfect for Valentine's too. Maybe a colorful ornament or star for Christmas. So fun!

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Ribbons and paper quilling, easy beginner level. Use glue dots and alphabet stickers. Make it colorful and festive. Frilly elegance!

A simple bright red felt poppy can add the right pop (alliteration :P) Cut circles of petals and use a brad to fix them. A gorgeous embellishment.

Beautiful shabby chic inspiration. Little bits of lace, tinsel and yarn. Add used stamps, paper embellishment etc. Uber chic!

Store bought scrapbook supplies. They can be used in so many different combinations. Use holiday color combination, red and green. Quick and easy :)

Natural woven gift box adorned with a fresh flower. Trim the stem and insert in a slit on the cover. Pretty all natural decoration.

A complimentary tag to go with the theme on the wrapping paper. A simple touch of thoughtfulness.

Such an ingenious twist! Sew a shirt sleeve to hold a bottle, use a cuff link to bring it together, tie a ribbon to secure it further. Perfect for the men in your life.

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Thanksgiving decoration: 10 Easy last minute craft ideas!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Thanksgiving decoration ideas; some really quick last minute inspiration for decorating your home. Simple and budget friendly ways to add the extra dose of style and beauty to your Thanksgiving decor. Surprise your family and friends with these nifty crafts. You will love displaying them!

These ideas are perfect for those busy and are trying their hands at craft for the first time. Hope you find some inspiration here! Happy Thanksgiving :)

Go rustic chic! An old fruit basket filled with flowers and fruits in autumn colors. It cannot get easier than this ;)

An impressive yet ready in no time craft for a gorgeous centerpiece! Fill glasses with tomatoes place tiered plates/trays with bay leaves as decoration. Use your own substitutes too. Done!

Love this! Craft store baskets filled with beautiful scented fall goodies. Use floral foam and knitting needle to hold the baskets in place. Fill up and decorate. Absolutely gorgeous!!

A wonderful all natural table decoration. A branch with lovely fall leaves in a small pot. Added texture of small burlap sack. Little bunches of flowers. Love the lively yellow color theme too.

Natural texture and color of pumpkin is so exotic that even a bunch of them tastefully displayed looks pretty. A very simple approach to holiday decorating!

A few branches of ginkgo tree and wild shrubs look perfect for fall-autumn decor. Turn to nature for inspiration, it has so many shades and shapes to offer :)

Its easy to find wheat sheaf during autumn months. add a bunch of bright flowers for the pop of color. An elegant twist for a rustic style wreath. Perfect for last minute rush!

An old grapes charger or wreath base can come in handy. Few sprigs of herbs and flowers looks charming when put together. It is a very rustic feel and is perfect for cottage style decor.

A really cute idea to engage kids on Thanksgiving holiday. A simple walnut shell, leaves, twig, and play dough sail boat. Float them in a bowl, will look cute on window sill or even console table!

A lovely way to dress up the window. Clean the leaves and to keep them supple and pretty spread a vaseline over them. Tie with dental floss or sewing thread. Hang on window rod!

Christmas Decoration: Ideas for Black Christmas trees!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Christmas tree is available in so many colors, and if you have been thinking about getting one and not yet made up your mind, here are some ideas to help decide! Black Christmas trees are surely non traditional but they do make a statement. And if you are looking at a modern, fun yet gorgeous Christmas Tree, Black is a good choice!

Black provides a depth and flair unparallelled to any other color. Dark rich metallic decorations go best with it. Think purple, blue, coral pink, red, green and of course gold and silver. There are so many ways to decorate a truly unique, eye-catching Christmas tree for your home!

Rich metallic colors look great with black. Vibrant combination of jewel tones of purple, emerald and fuchsia looks stunning! Garland of ribbon, baubles and holiday cards is a cute diy idea too.

Love this unusual combination! Coral pink and hint of silver on black is absolutely in trend. A very non traditional Christmas decoration but perfect for those who love experimenting.

Draw inspiration from your home decor, choose a color combination that is from among the colors in your decor. It would elevate the whole look to a new level. Black and gold is so classy!

Gray and blue decoration creates a original and tranquil Christmas tree. Butterfly decorations are unique and combines well with modern black Christmas tree. So lovely!

Go natural, simple die cut paper decorations and dried floral sticks. Keep the theme going with brown and black gift wrappings to create a very subtle and elegant Christmas decoration.

Black grand piano is the focal furniture, and black Christmas tree fits in perfectly! The garland, wreath and tree in black is chic and purple adds just the pop of color to this living room.

Upside down tree is my favourite when it comes to fun ideas! Black Christmas tree with gold and black baubles hanging down is so freaking cute. A very young modern interpretation. Love!

Rich colors, gorgeous wall paper and a lovely fireplace! Dream combination for Christmas. A simple black tree decorated in complimentary colors of purple, gold and fuchsia. Amazing!!

Different hues of gold make this dining room look absolutely festive. Black Christmas tree is balanced by the white and grays. Table setting in gold and white is simple sophistication!

By now we have seen so many gold, purple and black combination. This is a little more dramatic and oozes glamour. Unique, a part Gothic and part burlesque, a modern twist to holiday decoration.

Silver and black can never go wrong! Lot of different silver embellishments on a black Christmas tree looks fabulous. Tres chic!

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Theme Design: Purple and Gold color combination!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Purple and Gold is a gorgeous combination. The colors compliment each other beautifully and adds a royal touch. Purple and Gold accessories can add instant sophistication to any room. Combined with rich textures of silk and satin it looks absolutely stunning.

Use a hint of Purple-Gold in upholstery, or paint the wall in purple shades. Wall paper in gold and purple can add a glamour quotient to any space. This is a very popular color combination, and is totally worth a consideration.

 Beautiful Moroccan style bedroom in Purple and Gold. Exotic fabric and floral motif looks absolutely regal. This color combination specially suits exotic themed decoration.

Beautiful pastel lilac wall looks absolutely gorgeous with an addition of few mirrors in antique gold. A sure way to add a bit of elegance, use spray paint for a budget makeover!

Diy Tip: Scout for ornate picture frames in any color, spray dull gold and pop a mirror into it.

A fantastic wall paper can be the best investment! Even with a few tasteful pieces of furniture it can look expensive. A very vintage glam styling that's absolutely fabulous.

Mixing texture and finish is a good way to add interest to any corner. A distressed industrial style table with delicate satin shade table lamp and a retro plastic woven chair. What a treat!

An upscale modern bedroom decor. The color scheme is elegant gray and purple with a bit of invigorating gold. Perfect choice for master bedroom with a definite flair!

The exotic floral wallpaper is the star in this living room. Perfectly coordinated to this are the plush furniture and upholstery. Very glitzy and so vintage Hollywood !

A striking gold ornate bed set acquire the focal attention. Burnished gold is so regal, it is complimented perfectly by the velvet purple. Definitely a few notch above simple living!

Combination of gray, purple and golden yellow is so unusual. This tastefully done living room is cozy, vibrant and very polished. Bits of flowery print compliments the striped wall paper. Love!

Bright intricate purple Moroccan style tiles for the bathroom. Don't limit this amazing color combination to only the rooms, even bath can look absolutely stunning!

A classic appeal with twist! Lovely beige walls lets the purple cabinets take center stage. Beautiful brass knobs and vintage kitschy furniture. This kitchen is made for laughter and memories!

Christmas tree in gold and decoration in purple against a vintage gold snowflake pattern wall. How apt! December is just a month away, I can never be far from Christmas decoration ideas :c)

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Thanksgiving Centerpieces and Wreath: Go Natural!!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away! With so much to plan for the Thanksgiving dinner, let me help with the decoration :) Go natural and find inspiration in the selection here to help create you very own personalized centerpiece and wreath. Crafting is a great stress buster and will enjoy the simple pleasure of creating and display.

There are different levels of difficulty but with even a few hours you can make a gorgeous table setting or a simple center piece. Hope you find some inspiration here!

Carve a pumpkin to look like a basket, insert a bowl, place a flower foam. Add flowers and candles, some berries and leaves, done! Its a simple but beautiful craft idea.

Next trip to the farmer's market look for colorful corns. A vintage wire basket, scented pine cones and a bunch of corn is all you would need. Finish with a broad gingham ribbon for a cottage chic appeal!

Fill an egg basket with wheat sheaf. Lay some corn and you have an all natural centerpiece for Thanksgiving table setting. Color coordinate for a more sophisticate look.

This looks like a vase/pot or small bird bath, but use your imagination! Fill some gravel/pebbles, add a few branches of red berry, fall leaves and small thank you notes for the family.

Love this Martha Stewart craft. Corn husk wrapped around dollar store votive and ribbons. Natural texture of husk and soft rose petals together is so unique. Frugal and fun!

Fill tall votive with wild rice or any gains. Add some dry branches, hang string tied small pumpkins. Place them in a mix of pine cones, red berries, pumpkins and moss pebbles. Prettiness!

A simpler version, pillar candles in traditional fall colors, decorative branches/vines, pumpkins and berries. Autumn leaves on the napkins looks absolutely in sync too.

Wheat sheaf look so pretty by themselves. For a minimalistic uber chic look put hem in tapered vase and add color coordinated pillar candles. Sometimes less is more!

A simple table runner decorated with lovely fall elements. A basic candle stand flanked by leaves and fruits. Remember some bold additions can elevate the entire look.

If you have absolutely no time to create or are in a hurry, even a small posy of wild flowers can cheer up the decor. Natural rustic is also a coveted style. Sweet surprise :)

Amazing wreath made of succulents! A mesh cone, fill it with fine gravel and planting medium. Add small succulents and plants. This should thrive the season and plant them in soil when they grow big.

A vintage inspired chicken coop wire and old frame wreath. Staple a piece of wire mesh to an wooden frame. There are so many possibilities, memo card holder, display holiday cards, or earrings holder. Love!

via BHG

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