Christmas Decoration: Ideas for White Christmas trees!!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Decorating Christmas tree is uniquely special! It brings together the entire family, putting up the tree, selecting ornaments, choosing a theme and the final display. Love everything about it, except maybe the effort in putting it away ;) So get bookmarking your inspirations, pin the ideas you love and when you have a theme marked, the rest will come easy.

White Christmas tree is non traditional, a very modern fun interpretation. They are available everywhere, and the ways you can decorate is amazing! Its the perfect foil for even your pastel and mercury silver ornaments. Anything on a white backdrop literally stands out!

Perfect apartment size and super cute! Match the ornaments to your wall color. White Christmas tree can be decked up in any color and look gorgeous each time.

Subtle elegance of white on white. The simple decoration is serene and the stair banister has the touch of fir and pine in sync with tradition. Love!

Match the decoration to your upholstery. Unique combination of brown and purple. Love the pine cones hanging on the tree. Choosing a theme really helps!

Vibrant colors! A sweet setup for holidays. Bright pink and green are the theme colors, in the wreath, wrappings, and table centerpieces. Cover gift boxes in matching paper and use it to prop up the trees.

A very contemporary Christmas decoration. Black and white is a popular combination and the white Christmas tree fits in perfectly. Tres chic!

Teal and white Christmas tree. A simple tree, which looks amazing in the living room backdrop. The upholstery adds so much to this look. Exceptional choice!

My favourite! Love the rainbow theme. If you love colors as much as me, just display all the colors, with a little scheme. This is a good scheme of colors and looks fantastic!

via here

Neutral colors are a good canvas for bright accent. White tree plays off the little hints of red and green beautifully. Those who love minimal and contemporary this is a good alternative.

If you have a sweet spot for a certain color, chances are its present all as home accents. Decorating your faux tree can't get simpler. Choose some ribbons, tinsel and baubles in your fav color. Done!

Traditional pale gold tissue Christmas tree skirt, with strings of light around frosted Christmas tree. It has a very natural and simple sophistication to it.

Add a few accent in the same color theme to make it festive. Very quick and absolutely complete. Spray paint thrift store ceramics in the same color to match the decor. Easy!

Christmas Theme: Kids Special!!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Christmas is a wonderful time to display new craft and ideas. You can choose a theme and color inspiration, there are amazing number of beautiful variations! Ring in the holiday mood with a little planning and search for ideas no more! It gets really easy when you know what you are looking for,pin the idea that inspire, get ready to create and collect :-)

Christmas decoration with kids in mind, its bright, colorful and absolutely cute! Lot of diy ideas and upcycle too. Enjoy crafting and decorating this holiday season.

White Christmas tree with lovely bubblegum colored decoration. Super easy holiday cards on a ribbon, tacked to the wall with a glitter snowflake! 
Lovely swag for mantel, little gifts hung on a ribbon. Make the most of what you already have.

Unconventional Pink and Purple Christmas tree! Really simple decoration but it looks absolutely decked up and perfect for a little darling. White background makes the color pop. Sweet and simple!

Kid's bedroom all setup for Christmas! A little tree with their choice of ornaments. Let them punch paper circles and make a garland.
Recycle old tinsel wreath (cardboard circle + tinsel garland), add new baubles, holiday cards. Its fun and its frugal!

How adorable is this! Make a felt ball/pom pom garland. A no fuss banner and a lovingly made advent calendar quilt. Cozy and perfect for apartment too.

What caught my eyes are the handmade pom pom decorations, and felt/card stock reindeer. These are perfectly safe for kids to handle and they will have a ball decorating the tree! Super cute :)

Convert a spiral wire Christmas tree into a personalized one for your little one's room. A little bit of floral wire, and an assortment of embellishments! Do it up differently every year, oh the possibilities..

Beautiful Christmas colors and a rustic sophistication. Decorate with a swag and some elegant embellishments for a special Christmassy effect. A perfect diy surprise!

In true holiday colors, Hanukkah decoration for a festive window. Paper craft, cricut embellishment and little cones to hold peppermint candy. The whole combination is so serene and chic.

Love all the details in here! A simple fir branch, hanging over the table with an assortment of decorations. A new twist to traditional tablescape. Its natural and unique!

Bright and perky! Cute little santa and snowman, with so many cheerful colors are sure to brighten up the holiday mood. Love the gorgeous table setting, happy and festive. :)

Fall Autumn: Crafty nature inspired decoration!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Most of us have already updated a little for Autumn, and what a wonderful season to enjoy! Love using things natural and beautiful for decoration? Look no further! This post has some gorgeous craft ideas to update your home to welcome fall and all its colors.

Enjoy what nature offers and make the most of it, its free , its good for earth and  you will be so proud of your craft!

Stunning fall colors, bring a handful of leaves and a branch of red berries from the wild! A lovely color combination just full of 'Fall'!

Easy table decoration for Thanksgiving maybe. A simple trim with punched leaves hot glued for a stunning makeover. Easy and pretty!

Fireplace will soon need to be spruced! Decorate the mantel with this. An old frame(thrift), ribbon and pressed leaves. Write a message on the leaves to make it more personal. Good gifting idea too!

A twist of grass twine, pumpkins and leaves! Such a cute window decoration, its much better than store bought, and knowing its Eco-friendly makes me like it even more :)

Upgrade your boring napkins with some buttons! These leaves in the many fall colors are perfect for Autumn parties. Perfect for beginners at sewing too.

Upcycle old sweater's sleeve to make these votive cozies! Use the rest for making mittens etc. These can be slipped on a cozies for your tea mugs too, easy easy!!

Dollar store candle votive, spray on glue and fall leaves! Perfect for a display on your thanksgiving table or decorate on the mantle.

Autumn themed unique wreath made of leaves and nuts! Such a stylish statement piece. Love the natural colors and different shades. Almond, leaves and wreath anyone?!

All you need is a wire hanger and autumn leaves for making this lovely wreath. Kids will have fun making it. Or, styro foam wreath and pushpins, will be another idea!

My favourite! Stunning autumn colour wheel style wreath. Each element is beautiful and all natural. This is on my to-do list for the season!!

Wheat sheaf or autumn pruning of lavender can be tied to stair rods for this frugal but pretty decoration. So chic and delicate!

Perfect alternative for a wreath, though a more country cottage style. Just shove the corn on the rake or tie them with fishing line to make it more secure. Done in no time!!

An absolutely delightful centerpiece perfect for Thanksgiving! No carve, just scoop and add bunches of sunflower for this lovely three tier decoration. Heart it!

Another take, scoop and spray some bleach and put in a small pot of flower. Such a style quotient to this easy makeover. Perfect for novice too ;)

You can make so many lovely combinations with different pumpkin and flowers. Easy flower vase carving!

Use their different shapes to advantage, the slender neck is so elegant, pretty pretty!!

Credit: All images are from BHG, and Martha Stewart

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