Bedroom for babies: Start designing for your little star!!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Babies are so special, designing their rooms is a delight and a lot of fun. Think of all the colors and themes and happy decor ideas, there are so many choices and something to suit your budget.

The room centers around the crib and should have comfortable furniture (when nursing and putting them to sleep), peaceful atmosphere as well as lot of sunlight. The colors can be bold with strong lines, or have a soothing dreamy look. Get inspired by these designs and find your perfect theme, make their room the most charming beautiful place for your little one.

Lovely bedroom design for your baby,it is sunny, cheerful and fun! Love the colors here..Fab !

Beautiful retro design for your little one, the quirkiness, flowery settee and the adorable horse. I am smitten :)

Colors to brighten up your life! The design is so fun and stylish, very bright, just right to catch little one's eye. Orange is a beautiful color choice.

Stylish and elegant. A baby's room should be comfortable and welcoming. The color and design is unique and looks lovely with the dark wood crib. 

This theme is such a stunner. The little detailing in accents and decoration is so thoughtful. Specially love the shells & fishes hanging on the window. My favourite theme for baby's room of the lot !!

Let your imagination take over. This design is so dreamy, the pastels and pink flamingos. A surprise theme but so stunning in execution. Love the pompom rug and toffee cushion too.

This is a theme for the cowboy fans !! Brilliant detailing and am surprised how good the blue and hide design look together. If you were looking for a west America theme, this is the perfect one :)

The themes and designs here are just the few to help your imagination. Keep working on your personal favorite, it may be the colors or some painting that you like. There is no end to creativity, so get inspired.

Unique Dresser & Chest of drawers designs !

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Choosing the right furniture can be a great addition to any room. The aesthetics , design and storage space are key factors in finding the perfect dresser or chest of drawers for your room. Hallways can have additional storage by addition of a stylish chest of drawers.

An important factor when choosing the style and size is the space available, it can be narrow and tall or larger. Try to determine what you might be storing in it to select the right depth and height of drawers. There are many ways to design and decorate them, here are some of my best picks to inspire you !!

I love how terrific the blue and straw look together. Absolutely perfect for a beach house, or add a beachy feel to your home. Specially like the cute bird figure.

Decoupage is a great way to reinvent vintage furniture. How lovely do these tables look together. Boho gypsy look for an interesting look. I am so taken by the colors here.

This dresser is so interesting, the beautiful slim drawers. The color is perfect for rustic cottage look. This is so vintage and pretty. 

How about a makeover for your old dresser. Try this super cool design for your teens room, writing, stamps and hearts, vintage postcard theme for the traveler in you. My favourite makeover !!

This is such a classy design for any mid-century inspiration. The makeover is completed with many grains of wood laminate, an interesting way to upcycle old dresser. Such a delight !

Yet another easy design for your dresser. This is perfect for a kid's room, easy to do and lovely pop of color. This is a great way to redo in any color combination of your choice. My diy pick.

This dresser is such an exceptional design. Unique and strangely interesting. Not an easy makeover, but will surely be a conversation starter :-)

This is a vintage dresser which has been given a new look with lovely stenciled design. The knobs are such a beauty. The whole look is so stylish and modern.

Kid's bedroom wall designs !

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I love the wonderful way wall designs can transform any room. It is an amazing effect and can uplift the whole look of the room. There are a lot of options available, choose from wallpaper, decals or if you like get inspired and create your own designs. Stencils and paint is all you might need, a lovely way to create your own pattern and use your creativity.

Here is a collection of designs for kids bedroom walls. The designs are fun and stylish and even with simple furniture the whole look is expensive and very beautiful. Girls and boys, get your kids a lovely bedroom, get inspired :)

Love the Blue teddy bear, sailboat nautical theme. The design is cute and really soft and pretty.

Almost retro ! Hello Kitty in all the bright colors. Very girly beautiful theme for your darling !

An eccentric and adorable farm inspired wall design. Paint your own whimsical animals. Soo FUN !

Pale pink, pretty and stylish motifs of Hello Kitty. The color scheme is cool and dream like.

Beautiful blue with fun cartoons from 'Cars', love the contrast of striped and motifs. Very Unique.

Bring the outdoor indoor with this garden themed wall design. Red is so energetic and has a happy feel to it.

A beautiful shade of green for those who like unique and sober. Lovely contrast with oatmeal. The forever fav theme of balls for boys.

Barbie has such a fan following. Give your little one a beautiful surprise, lovely purple and pink combination is perfect for your doll.

Love the ingenious of this idea. It can be hand painted, and is fun and functional. I would love to try this for sure ! My fav :D

Modern Kitchen designs in Blue!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Kitchen is an integral part of any home. A cool blue shade is the right color to bring calming and soothing energy into your kitchen space. Blue and white is a very popular combination when designing kitchen and it goes perfectly well with chrome steel. A perfect choice for those designing modern stylish kitchen. It even looks amazing in the old world charming kitchen with ivory and detailing.

The designs in this post have different kitchen layouts in different shades of blue and each of them look stunning and inviting. Blue is surely an easy choice if you are repainting or modeling your new kitchen. 

Beautiful modern sleek design for your kitchen. Its spacious as well as clutter free. Love the cabinets, frosted glass as well as the open shelves. Interesting cabinet work makes it looks very open and inviting. Steel fixtures look really nice with this color scheme.

Kitchen should have enough and easy to use shelves for best ergonomic use. The racks and cabinets in this design are so practical as well as sophisticated. Love the works here !

This kitchen layout has an island which has spacious built in cabinets. Love the checkered white and blue here. The usage of space is impressive, and looks very modern.

This looks so fun and cheerful. If you are looking for a bright modern and stylish look this is it! The mosaic with yellow and red is so interesting. Designer back splash for your kitchen :)

Blue color has cool futuristic vibrations. In this design, its almost frosty and looks awesome with steel. Love the frosted glass shelves. Very seamless and modernist.

Blue is a very classy color for home decor. This retro kitchen is so cheerful. The checkered white and blue tiles is an interesting perspective. The use of different shades of blue is crucial to break the monotony, and yellow provides the right pop of color.

Blue is a versatile color. Almost everyone loves some shade of blue, it is sophisticated, calming and goes beautifully with shades of white. Keep checking back for kitchen designs in different colors.


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