Livingroom : Same room with Different looks !

Friday, November 20, 2009

I am amazed at how different color schemes and room accents can transform any room ! Even with the same basic furniture, a living room can speak of different personalities and influences. The set of pictures I am putting up today shows how a simple living room with existing furniture consisting of three seater sofa and a modern coffee table and lamp, can be transformed to look elegant, stylish, bohemian, shabby chic, contemporary etc.

These pictures are bound to inspire you and the combination of colors are stunning to say the least. Look closely and you might just be able to create your perfect design for a living room.

The Romantic Elegant

This setting is uber stylish, lush and romantic. The beautiful shade just brightens up the room with blood red as the focal color the whole setting is just sparkling and eclectic in its feel.

I love the beveled mirror and the fab rug !!

The Kitschy Dynamic

If you love dynamic then this is just that !! The pattern, vibrancy and truly eclectic combination of colors gives the room a real edge. The atmosphere is so cheery and the selection of artifacts is truly unique. Each and every corner has its own story to tell.

This room is not for the ordinary and it speaks volumes about style and personality !

The Pure and Meditative

You love the look of white ! The color is sleek as well as sophisticated and with just the right amount of creativity and interesting mix of pieces the whole look can be awe inspiring. The room is in some ways pure and meditative with the monochromatic scheme weaving magic here !

The mannequin and the little pig in white are such interesting focal pieces !

The Casual Contemporary

This casual contemporary and totally modern take on the living room is fantastic ! The laid back and easy going attitude is easily showcased, and very carefully created by an interesting mix of medium. We have here blown up art and black ceramic vases with unique wooden art thrown it too. The color orange is known as a color for joy and conveys sociability and confidence.

The sheer riot of colors in this room makes it one of my favourite here !

The Classic Elegant

This look is just so different from the one above that its difficult to imagine that the existing furniture are the same. The whole look is elegant and almost bordering on formal. The clean lines and classic furniture give the room a modern and sharp look.

The wooden coffee table balances the black and white furniture perfectly to make it harmonious.

The Vibrant Whimsical

The color scheme here is that of black and white but with teal blue in the background. Teal is by far one of the most vibrant colors..and makes for some very uncommon but beautiful combination. The black and white echoed in the frames, rug and cushion adds to the vibrancy to the room and adds to the visual appeal !

The arrangement of frames on the wall is so curious and add a certain whimsy to the whole room !

Sofa Covers and Cushions : Designs and combinations !!

Monday, November 16, 2009

I am have been looking for some inspiration for dressing up my sofa in some lovely colors and uplifting the mood of the entire room :) And what an amazing collection of pictures I have to share with all of you !! Sofa and love seats in neutral are simple and easy options but if you really need to add that extra oomph to your room decor and make is really appealing look no further.

Sofa covers in themselves are not enough, combine some amazing mix of cushions in lovely colors and tones and you will have a winner ! Interestingly its not just the Sofa cover and cushions but also the carpet or rug that makes the complete combination. Take a look at each of these pictures and see for yourself how each of them add to the complete look :)

So lets get into discussing these lovely designs and colors, get inspired to create your own rooms and design the best for yourself !!

Sofa Covers : Combination and Designs

I Love this for the sheer simplicity !! Ivory white and green and a lot of light streaming in, what a lovely ambiance it creates. The rug is so amazing...with the weaving and knots. Add to it the wall hanging and the cushions with plants and leaf motifs in the same color. Totally Fab !!

Combination : Ivory white + Yellow green

Pink and Yellow is not a usual combination, but in pastel shades they just left me asking for more ! This design will transform any livingroom, The sofa cover in pale pink is so gorgeous with the whole set of cushions in various colors inspired by the carpet and wall hanging.

This living room echos of a set of colors reflected in the floor rug, cushions and the wall painting. Truly inspiring !

Combination: Pink+Blue+Yellow(all in pastel)


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