Valentine's Day DIY ideas: Decorate on a budget!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Search for the perfect Valentine's day decoration is on!! Craft and do it yourself is a great way to add a personal touch to any decoration. Its only gets betteras it saves a lot of time shopping and spending. I specially love when there are easy up cycle ideas that don't just look good but look really impressive.

This is a round of some absolutely easy, home diy projects which is sure to fit into any budget! Those who are looking at entertaining at home are sure to find some inspiration here. Flowers, cupcakes, cookies and candles, present them with creative twists! Ready to get inspired?! :-)

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If you have spray painted before, you know how much fun it is! Get some plastic goblets, wine glasses or vase, spray paint in one color, add lace and instant chic!!

Bake or buy mini cupcakes and alphabet cookies. Decorate the cookies in bright cheery colors and display. Oh! and the initials of your guest as place name holder would be great too :-)

Chinese lantern is a common party decoration, give it a new life as a cute vase! Pop the lantern over a small votive for support, add some beautiful flowers and you have an instant makeover.

How can one miss sweet treats! Get cookie cutters in XOs and heart shapes (amazon has many). A little bit of presentation and you have some original edible decoration. So fun!

Romance straight from Victorian times. Lovely bottles in different shapes, pretty lace, old books as props and gorgeous wild flowers. This can be recreated in a hurry and mix match at your will.

Simple and pretty! Add a spoonful of sprinklers and light a candle. All dressed up. You could experiment with colored sand, rice, sequins, beads, anything! Perfect for all occasions.

A simple cake plate with candles in valentine's day theme cupcake liner  will make an amazing centerpiece! Add flowers, chocolate dipped fruits etc. Super easy!

A little presentation goes a long way. Add washi tape to vase, votive holder to make them a set. Place it over a mirror, its elegant and will reflects the lights. Some flowers and centerpiece ready :)

Absolutely last minute! Flowers under wine glasses topped with candle. Fake flowers, pearl chains et al work too. Inserts can be easy based on any other favorite theme too.

It cannot get easier than this ;-) Pretty cute, and a nice surprise. Love!!

Tea set, flowers, ribbons and some tape! This one is easy to assemble but a little tricky to hang. Non the less if you have a few hands to help this would look awesome outdoors. 

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Valentine's day party ideas: 11 unique table decoration!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Valentine's day is a wonderful occasion to celebrate with loved ones! If you are planning a special dinner and are looking for some ideas to help decorate your table, we have loads of them to help you. Valentine's day decor has lots of red and pink, candles, hearts and roses. Its a beautiful presentation of all things that symbolize love! 

Show your creative side, display your affection in every aspect of planning. Its a special day and won't you love to make them swoon. Enjoy perusing and hope you find some inspiration here :-)

Gorgeous rich red and lush roses. A nice velvet table runner, stunning gold and red votive and hearts wreath. Dinnerware in combination of red and white breaks the monotone color. Love!

Planning an elegant outdoor luncheon! Spiffy vintage bottles with fresh flowers. Look for pastel stemware and raid old cupboards/antique shops for lovely floral china. Simple chic.

Dinner for two? This is just the cutest setting ever, put your crafty hands to full use. Simple wild stems in a mason jar. Paper boat bunting and scrabble tiles. Who said frugal cannot be fun?!

Short notice, you can still pull off a beautiful table decoration in no time. Few hints of red, roses and a personal touch, a message written on chalk cloth table runner. Adorable!

One great tip of adding tons of drama is to use the same pattern in abundance. A bunch of simple hand cut heart doilies will look absolutely stylish! Love the ombre effect. Easy enough?

via here

I love upcycle ideas. A ladder hangs above the long dining table. Cut out of XOs and lots of photographs interspersed. This would be perfect for lofts and more spacious rooms.

Pick red or purple as theme and mix it with neutrals like white. Al fresco dinner with purple stemware, bunting and napkins. Lovely bouquet of purple flowers compliments perfectly!

Oh the simplicity of this arrangement! Dollar store egg cups holding button roses arranged in shape of a heart. Alternative, use egg shells with strips of paper roll as base. Ta da!

Having a valentines day party for friends, this may be the most charming table decoration ever! Perfect for smaller space. Tall vases of flowers, mix of votive and flowers. Elegance..

Go over the top but keep it classy! Stunning table centerpiece in shades of pink. With such a delicate focal piece, the simple tableware compliments perfectly!

Love the use of carnations instead of roses. Its a sweet easy diy mobile. I can imagine using embroidery hoops for a quick version. Use fake flowers to preserve year round. So unique!

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Theme design: 11 ideas to decorate breakfast nook!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

One of the best feature to add to a home is a lovely breakfast nook! Its a warm friendly space perfect for a morning coffee, a family breakfast or lazy weekend meals. Its a cheerful spot with gorgeous light, comfortable seating and a place where your mornings begin. This post has lots of ideas to help design an ideal breakfast nook perfect for you. Keep reading :)

If you have a bay window with built in window seat, lucky you! But those who may not have one, there are different layouts that will look equally cozy and have the same welcome feel. There are so many ways to include your personality and choice in decor, you will love it!

A love cottage chic styled corner nook in pleasant green soothes the eye. It is just a nice sunny window with custom made bench; the overhead shelf adds to the french rustic look. Perfect space utilization.

Sucker for retro glam, this is fantastic! A lovely printed curtain set and eye catching coral red settee a animal prints. much going and and it works just beautifully. Absolutely lust worthy!

Color blocking in bright hues. An all white windows and walls that let the colors pop! Charming retro Eames molded chair in eclectic blue. Love the corner nook, I could sit here all day :)

A striking french cafe inspired breakfast nook. It's a simple dining set with painted bright orange chairs. A vintage green overhead lamp, mix of colorful plates. Everything retro chic and delightful!

A drop leaf table, storage bench and folding chairs! Create a unique breakfast nook near a tall window. There is so much character, the reclaimed wood table, author plaques, industrial lamp et al.

The 70s were such glamorous years! The unique pink kitchen and matching dining nook is just so awesome. Not sure if its possible to pull off the color, but the space is very well designed.

A traditional sweet cozy breakfast nook. Vintage plaid wall paper is in contrast with floral upholstery.  An easy elegance with an eye on comfort. Perfect for spring summer mornings.

A lovely bay window ideal for breakfast nook. Easy, uncluttered look. A little bit of drama by way of black accent and nice touch of flowers. The overhead lamp is unusual but works within the decor. 

Orange is not an easy color to pull off! This all orange breakfast nook is unique at so many levels. The area, color palette, layout, even the collection of baking pans displayed. Truly exceptional.

A very smart idea to carve a nook out of the kitchen. Utilize the corner windows and create custom seating, a rescued table and you have a perfect breakfast nook! Love the tidy space saver idea.

Breathtaking cottage style open kitchen with french windows. This dining area is so full of light and greens. The lush green outside just flows into the kitchen. Rough mix of furniture and accents!

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Theme Inspiration: Going Baroque!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Baroque is style that will never go out of fashion! Its ornate lines, curves and sheer opulence is seductive. Its dramatic and abundantly stylish, a style that brings a lot of appeal to any space. Check out this theme inspired post for more ideas.

Baroque style decor includes elements like baroque floral inspired wall paper, rugs and upholstery. Gorgeous venetian mirror, and expensive gold and silver accents. Rich texture and color add visual elegance, and it is even called the decor of royalty.

Satiny brown wall and an absolutely stunning baroque style golden headboard. Love the colors together and the acrylic table lamps is the perfect addition. A lovely seamlessly luxurious baroque bedroom!

A really simple to recreate, black and white baroque style living room. A perfectly in sync mirrored side table. Love the play of contrast colors in print. Love the simplicity of execution. Chic!

Lovely pastel floral hallway decor. Pink and black pop against the neutral background. There is a lot of going on with solid colors, stripes and floral but it just comes together beautifully! Love :)

This is perfect for royalty, and that might just be you! Cherubs, ivory and gold, it cannot get more baroque than this. The gilt and ivory is a posh combination, the ornate lines makes it even more sophisticated.

Mirrored furniture have a simple elegance, together with the venetian mirror its just so eye catching. This corner vanity is perfect for a diva!

A more modern, neo baroque interpretation for those who love contemporary. Easy to create, black and white floral wall paper. A matching carpet and some bright pops of color. Easy style!

A lovely Parisian style mantel decorated in baroque style. The symmetry in delftware is soothing and the colors have a subtle elegance. It is so exotic and completely put together. Major envy!

Though the colors here are not actually intense, however the motif on wallpaper is typically baroque style and the curves of sofa also falls in the same decor style. Love the variations of teal and gray. A fav!

The flamboyance of hot pink and black! This is no holds barred styling in two colors. With white as canvas the intense colors look absolutely dramatic and the styling is expensive. So unique!

A beautiful French style home office. The vintage distressed bureau looks perfect against the soft pastel green wall paper. The gilded mirror and gold scrolled arm chair is right out of the era. Vintage opulence.

If you are on a budget but would not like to miss out on the unique decor style, add little accent pieces to your existing decor. A rich silk accent cushion is the perfect way to draw attention to a wing chair.

Even more ingenious, use decal murals to add the hint of baroque to your walls. Its cost effective and a perfect diy project!

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Theme Design: 11 Living room fireplace design ideas!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Having a cozy living room is the perfect way to welcome snowy days. A comfortable reading spot, a great space to catch up with friends and family, and a streamlined clutter free decor. The main elements are good comfortable seating, a gorgeous fireplace and a mantel decorated to your taste.

There are so many variations of fireplace, and you can decorate the mantel in any decor style you like. The ceiling height, your decor style and color combination, all come together to define your living space. Here is a collection of living room ideas with a fireplace.

A gorgeous traditional living room with lively collection of botanical displays. A simple chic room to relax and unwind. Tip, choose a theme for display and collect varied artifacts.

An accent wall is perfect way to add style to any space. It breaks the monotony of color and serves as as focal point. Adding an ornate mirror fits perfectly. Very sophisticated silver purple theme!

Inviting green and red with a log fire burning! It has a lovely lived in style which inspires conversations and family time. Pick a mix of frames with pictures in focal colors to dress up the wall.

A modern chic living room with marble fireplace. Very clean and symmetrical, it works wonderfully for small living rooms. The vivid wall paper adds to the charm and sleek fireplace takes almost no space!

A lovely cottage style living area with simple fireplace and pretty aqua accents. A neutral color scheme with light birch wood furniture adds to the spacious feel. It has a serene calming vibe.

This living room in beige, green and yellow is so stylish! The stone fireplace and high ceiling goes well with fiber woven rug and dark wood furniture. A simple birch wood painting ties the colors perfectly!

This is my favorite  A gorgeous living room with cast iron fire place and rows of books. Comfortable reading spot and a vintage inspired clock! The slate grey looks amazing with white and black.

Beach cottage, a Cape Cod decor inspired living room. The single color scheme and hints of blue gives it a unity through out. It  seems to be inspired by the vastness and colors of sea. So chic!

Corner fire place are so unique and adds character. A seamless ochre yellow wall color with white accent makes the room look even more spacious. Chandelier, mirror and table add to decorative touch.

Beautiful decor at low maintenance. Traditional metal fireplace has a charm of its own, coupled with plaids and simple furniture, this room looks cozy and friendly. Mirror, few knick knacks, Done!

A good idea to decorate the wall recess, is to wall paper or decal it. Add cubby shelves and display your quirky collection. Love the lot of vintage clocks and raw wood finish. So drool worthy!

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