11 Room design ideas in Turquoise Blue!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Turquoise blue is a beautiful color and has warm and cool undertones to it. Turquoise is a beautiful color choice for any room because of its serene yet invigorating effect. It can be paired with lot of colors and makes any room cheerful and visually appealing.

This post has ideas that will help you include turquoise in your home color palette. Use them as accent colors or pair them with a range of different colors to amazing effect. Depending on how you use it, turquoise decor can be bold, whimsical, dreamy, or lively. Some good colors combinations are White, Yellow, Pink, Green and even Orange and Coral red.

Beautiful Turquoise wallpaper in a charming cottage chic setting. A lovely soft, dreamy unique effect!

Retro modern, with a cheerful pop of color. Turquoise blue walls offset the white and yellow accent pieces. Elegant and energetic contemporary living room design.

Cool turquoise and gold is the perfect backdrop for this dramatic bedroom decor. Gold mixes beautifully with turquoise if you like to make a statement. Uber stylish and gorgeous.

Both Turquoise and Green are serene colors and this dining room in White looks so calm and inviting. Use turquoise in accent pieces and smaller doses if you are experimenting.

Fun floral girly bedroom. This is a perfect combination of a lot of colors and shades. The energizing aspect of pink and green with the calm effect of white and blue. Love!!

Moroccan and Mediterranean decor uses a lot of blue and turquoise. Turquoise and White is a classic pairing. The color combination is used to the best affect in this elegant unique living room design.

Victorian floral pattern wall paper in Turquoise uplifts this white shabby chic dining room to a whole new level! Beautiful and stylishly done vintage inspired decor is absolutely amazing!

Using Turquoise with other soft pastel colors can have a very feminine result. Here white and pale yellow combined with turquoise make for an irresistible bedroom color combination.

Blue is the color of water and is perfect for bathroom decor. Turquoise is soothing. Love this zen like  bathroom atmosphere. The open windows lets in lots of light and air to create zen harmony.

Very unusual color palette, Golden and Silver combined with Turquoise. It creates a beautiful fresh feeling and this bedroom is a restful abode.

Absolutely adore the pale turquoise printed wall paper. It is the most interesting accent in the entire room. It forms the central theme and a seamless look. Use unique wall paper on one wall and build your decor around it.

Love turquoise color and its versatility. It can be combined with so many colors to different effect! If you are just falling in love with it, use in small doses or as accent pieces. Designing a room around Turquoise blue is an excellent idea, just choose the shade that reflects your personality and liking best! Hope you are inspired by it :c)

12 More Creative Gift-wrap Ideas for Christmas

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Its the week before Christmas! Most of us are finally done with shopping and wrapping the presents for friends and family! Here are some creative ideas for gift wrapping. Be different! Use the same old embellishments with a twist. You will surely love these unique ways to decorate your gifts.

Ribbons and bows with a creative touch. Use multiple bows to add to the exotic look!

Use Dollar store gift bows generously for a unique presentation! Its simple and fun :)

Kids love stamping! Use back rubbers of pencils to stamp designs with watered down paint. Super inexpensive and so adorable.

Love the multitude of jewel tones. These gifts look so festive and gorgeous. I heart metallic colors!

Easy diy for kids and grown ups too :c) Use cork or potato stamp to makes festoons or strings of light for a beautiful Christmas themed gift wrapping.

Delightfully easy yet super elegant! Use vinyl lace tape (find on etsy or ebay) to add a sophisticated look to simple gift boxes. Specially a good idea when packing a lot of same sized gifts.

Over lay to create a beautiful lace pattern.

This is such a cute embellishment! Lollipops and bendy straw for cherries :c) Perfect for pre-schoolers, I can totally imagine the delight of little ones !

Holidays are always busy, these gift wrappings are so impressive yet really easy to make. Felt and pinking shears with red beads for holly, easy scarf and create other fun embellishments!

Ideas for few more felt embellishments. Fall leaves and the gorgeous pine leaves and pine cone! Use decorative scissors for the pine cones and wrap felt around a oval foam ball or left over Easter eggs.

Love the simplicity of these delicate cup cake liner flowers for pretty embellishments! Use brads for easy secure.

Punch out vibrant paper sequins and make a pretty trim. Use it as a fun embellishment to decorate your gifts. Inexpensive and quick diy idea for you!

Accordion fold Christmas tree, some Ric Rac trim and a glue gun. Kids would love to help out with this absolutely unique dimensional accent!

I hope these ideas help you with making wrapping gifts a fun and creative craft. Use these ideas as inspirations and looks into your craft stash to find your unique creative expression. Have fun and enjoy all aspects of this holiday. Merry Christmas everyone!!

Handmade Christmas Card: 6 Craft Ideas!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas craft ideas once again!! Holiday cards are an integral part of Christmas. It feels so special to receive a handmade card, made with effort, time and creativity. Its a gift in itself, its exclusive and anyone would appreciate and be flattered to have received such a unique card.

Making Christmas cards might sound like a lot of work but it can be very simple and stylish and be made with little supplies and time. The ideas I have have some step by step tutorial for some fun pop-up cards and lovely illustrations for cards in 3D :-D

3D Card- Christmas Baubles on a string!!

Simple and stylish! Great for all ages, Cut 3 circles (for each bauble) with pinking shears and fold in half. Glue the half circles as shown. Right half of 1st, spine of 2nd, and left half of 3rd. That is it!! Use colorful paper or embellishments to jazz it up further!!

Pop-Up Card - Christmas Present!

Step by step tutorial for Christmas present Pop up card. It would be so cute to insert a Gift card between the two layers! You could modify the same to make a 3-tiered Birthday cake too, stick some candles for a perfect Birthday Card! :-)

Cut the solid lines, fold along the dotted lines.

Fold the card cut-outs horizontally, away from you.

Pinch the cut-outs vertically towards you carefully.

Once it pops out just right, decorate with embellishments!

Dimensional Card - Star topped Christmas Tree

This is yet another unique card. I love the Pine cone shape and the classic Christmas tree cut-out. Trace half of a Christmas tree like shown and use X-acto knife. Fold it over for the dimensional effect. A craft idea for those with steady hands maybe, beginners can try making simpler round Christmas ornaments.

Finger Painting Card - Cute Reindeer Family!

This is such an adorable Christmas card. Perfect craft idea for family! Thumb prints of every member of the family decorated as reindeer. I would love to make some of these myself. Great for preschoolers too!

Found here

Pop Up Card - Christmas Woodland Diorama!

Pop up card always impress! They are really simple, and are ready in no time! These cute pop up trees can be dressed up with glitter, spangles and color or left as is like covered in snow.

Click on the image below to see in animation how pop up mechanism works. I am sure after seeing this you will be addicted to making pop-up cards! :-)
Go Ahead--> Click it!

Another view of the simple mechanism behind pop up cards.

Use decorative scissors to cut out triangles and use punched paper snowflakes to decorate.

A lovely elegant Christmas Card ready in no time!

Another version of pop-up Christmas tree card that I love. I am still looking for instructions to share but maybe some of my crafty readers can help simplify it. ;)

I hope some of these ideas will inspire you to make your very own Christmas Cards! Handmade cards add a personal touch to holiday wishes. The extra effort you put in will be surely appreciated by one and all. Enjoy this beautiful season of giving. Merry Christmas!!

10 Christmas Craft Ideas for Kids!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Get ready for Christmas, its almost here!!! If you are looking for some super cute craft ideas for kids, this post might just prove useful. Ten adorable craft inspiration perfect for Christmas, they are easy and inexpensive and perfect for decorating your home.

Snowman, reindeer, mice, pine trees, ornaments and snowflakes..all the right icons of Christmas! Have fun making some holiday projects and enjoy the thrill of creating!

Adorable Snowman made from old/outgrown sweater on embroidery hoops and some buttons. Decorate it the way you like! Easy no sew craft :)

Go inexpensive! Look for an old frame, touch up with some spray paint or leave it as is for shabby chic inspiration. Add Christmas baubles on ribbons to finish it. Quirky cute :)

Love these rock snowflakes! These will look so lovely displayed near lanterns/candles,when reflecting the soft glow. Paint rocks white and use Gold metallic pens for ease in control when drawing.

Kids love to help in decorations. What better than letting them make something on their own. Craft paper strips and glue stick to keep the mess controlled. Hang these on valance or doors!

Love paper snowflakes but need some ideas to get started? Check out my earlier posts on 6 point snowflakes. Here are a few more template to help you design your own pattern.

Handmade Christmas ornaments for family and friends. Get your supplies ready and your little ones will love making these super cute Santa, snowman and reindeer ornaments. Inexpensive dollar store craft!

Christmas wreath that is ingenious and creative! Use Pine cones, Beanie cap and mittens to fashion Rudolph the Red nosed Reindeer Wreath. I love its funny face :-D

These adorable mice ornaments are so dainty and fun. Super easy, ready in quick time! These will be your kids favorite. A delightful unique winter evening project.

Supplies you would like to gather for this project.

Another mice ornament project for kids. Find instructions here from Martha Stewart. No sew, easy to assemble and perfect stocking stuffer or gift for preschoolers !

Make a little forest for your mantel. Easy instructions on Martha Stewart website, These will look great as is or dressed up in tinsel, glitter and spangles.

A little glimpse of the craft instructions!

Hope all of you are having a great time decorating for Christmas! Enjoy the holidays and make the most of it :-)

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