Canopy bed designs for beach bedrooms and more!!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Summer is here and all of us are looking for ways to make the best of sunshine and open skies. Here are some bedroom design ideas just perfect for the weather! Beautiful flowing sheer white drapes are so summery, romantic and elegant. Its an easy option for those who would like to create a lovely romantic bedroom, and also perfect for a beach theme.

It might seem like a costly choice, but canopy is an easy and affordable accent for any bedroom. There are lots of ideas here for you to get inspired. You might even undertake a project to make a simple canopy yourself. Canopy bed designs are perfect for open airy beach bedrooms and also for the simple yet elegant romantic bedrooms.

This is a perfect design for open country style beach cottage. The simple furniture and wooden flooring is offset by the willowy sheer white canopy. Love the rattan chairs and the beautiful sunlight!

Wooden detailing, the lovely roof and the rustic elegance just perfect! This effect can be recreated in your own bedroom. Pick neutrals and earthy colors, and add the lovely canopy bed, simple yet stylish!

The color combination in this bedroom is so unique. Turquoise blue and white is a great combination. Add them to neutral background, and you have a perfect beach bedroom. Love the vaulted ceiling!

Another design to inspire, the whole setting is spartan with very little accent. However it looks decorated and completely done with just the canopy bed! It adds richness to the entire room. Pretty!

Love!! This is my favourite simply because I love blue so much! The cool colors and beautiful exotic feel. Its a simple canopy, yet it is the focal point. Add a little sheer for a super stylish bed.

Tropical bedroom with the perfect drape of fabric! For those who love simple, minimal and spacious places this is just the perfect decor. The pop of green and yellow is specially pleasing.

This is a designer interpretation of a canopy bed. Very interesting, and unique bed poles that makes it a piece of art for everyday use. Think out of the box sometimes to add the little extra to any design.

These two designs of canopy bed is special because each is unique. The first one is simply a swag of lovely cotton fabric draped to look like a canopy. This would even fit into a student's budget!

Boho eastern influence, the shimmering teal is so inviting. Its like having an Arabian Night right in your own home. Try to create a really special decor with lovely colored drapes for a daring beautiful look.

Canopy beds are so stylish, and such an interesting addition to any bedroom. Try to create one for your bedroom, it will be a whole new world! Get inspired, get daring :)

Inspiration : Summer Picnic

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Summer is here and so is partying outdoors or planning a picnic. Make the best of the beautiful sunshine and spend the day out, pack a picnic basket and choose a beautiful setting. It does not always have to be a costly affair to have a good time with friends and family. Even your backyard can look festive and inviting with just a few delightful and adorable decorations.

Make picnic a 'special' occasion, get some easy tips for lovely decor and details. Take it to a beautiful beach, or a shady tree, backyard or rooftop, with some simple ideas and a little effort, you can make a meal into an event at no cost.

  This is just so perfect, the greenery and lovely shade fresh food and awesome weather. Simple and comfortable with beautiful colors to add to the charm. Love the birdhouse!

The picnic basket is really a piece of art and love how roomy it is! the perfect compliment for a nice day out. Keep it safe and stylish too.

Beautiful tableware, spring designs for the uber cool. Love the blue and green!!

Lovely pitcher set for mixing your drinks..summer is the time to enjoy drinks by the pool.

Casual country style picnic can look so pretty! Shabby chic can look so elegant. Love the burlap!

Colors can make anything look festive. Easy to hang and so pretty fluttering in the evening breeze, instant glamour.

A romantic picnic, inspiration from H&M, I love everything about it. A gorgeous setting and easy atmosphere can keep the mood fun and lively and spirit young!

Even a backyard picnic can look so pretty and comfy. Get a barbeque going and with good company and wine you will be having the best of summer.

No backyard! Rooftop can be as lavish as this. All the flowers not only look good they make us feel good. The crystal and vintage table cloth all look so dainty.

An evening on the wharf can be the best way to unwind on a summer day. Cool breeze and the peace, this is an inspiration from H&M too.

Blue is so beautiful..the sky, sea and a beautiful setting. Simple yet effective, how charming can it get, inspired yet ?

Good company is all you need to have a good time, and some laughter and smiles to remember.

Picnic at the beach, comfy cushions and stylish table cloth to jazz up the space. The best the summer can offer.


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