Theme Inspiration: 11 Canopy bed designs!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Canopy bed is not just an ordinary bed, it has so much more interesting, a sense of drama to it. It could be a little girl's princess bed, a gorgeous day bed with fun colorful drapes, beach style bed with white sheers or a high end sophistication. A whole range from kitschy boho to expensive ostentatious.

With so much to offer, it would be an absolutely unique furniture piece to consider for you home! This posts has a lot of ideas to inspire you to discover different decor styles of canopy bed. Pick the one that suits your individual style best!

Check out more coastal style canopy bed ideas here!!

A traditional stately bedroom with a canopy bed. The colors are muted and its easy sophistication.

This canopy bed is just so romantic! A simple black and white theme, this is fit for a grown up princess :-)

A simple four poster bed with lovely sheers. With the fireplace burning this is perfect winter coziness!

Lovely shabby chic styled bedroom with a unique canopy frame. The hats and jewelry, ornate headboard add to this fabulous decor!

Similar canopy frame as above but much more luxurious. Yellow and gray with gilded wall accent. This is perfect for the modern royals!

A beautiful bedroom for a teen girl. Canopy bed is the focal furniture, and it has a lovely cottage chic charm to it. Love the wooden paneling.

Fit for a little princess, a simple pink and white palette with a little bit of florals. The decor is so dainty and sweet, love it.

This is the most unusual color combination, but it works! A simple diy canopy for any kind of bed, this would be perfect for a teen. Love the feisty orange and green.

Daybed with canopy is the perfect place to catch up on a book or just laze around. This kitschy decor would be a simple frugal pull off with fabric like a saree!

A bit of an exotic flair, this is suited just right for a teen room. Curtain rods with lovely drapes in theme colors. Dress it up or down!

Love this version, its just epic! A Moroccan inspired coziness for the wintery nights. This would be such a gorgeous romantic date idea. Heart it :-)

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Theme Design : Romantic Red!!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

The color Red is so full of energy and cheery, including it in your home decoration color palette should not be too difficult. The color could be a bold bright, or a more soothing version of pastel and pinks. The fact that it looks amazing in combination with colors like white, black, green, yellow et al should be a good incentive to experiment with this popping color.

The decor ideas included here, are based mostly on bold red, and it would help you get an idea about using it as a focal color, specially when combining with neutrals like white, beige, and against wooden textures. This color has so much potential to bring energy and sophistication to any style of decoration.

Floral red retro inspired wall paper! This is loud and cheerful, perfect flamboyance for a focal wall in an all white and neutrals living room. Fits with modern stylish decor.

A large red pendant style light looks amazing! Red as accent color is a great choice, specially with neutrals and pastel colors. The combination of pink, purple and red is lovely!

The unusual feature wall with a rug looks absolutely exotic! Pick a color shade for the wall from your chosen rug,this way it is more put together and adds neat sophistication.

Red adds the perfect dose of drama to an all white room. Lovely red and white with a little of beige. The vertical striped wall trick adds height, while white reflects making it more spacious!

Give an old bench, or feature furniture a perk up! Paint is red, and it will no longer be be in the background. It would look absolutely charming against exposed wood.

Simple elegance. Burgundy and red brings a distinct richness to this bedroom. Easy tip, keep the curtain and bedspread in matching schemes, in different sets for the year round!

Love the crazy scheme of stripes, floral and bold red. Absolutely unique and oh so chic! This is not for the conformists, a distinct individual style. I can't gush enough over it :-)

Red has a way of brightening up any corner, its festive and has been celebrated as a color of love! Bring out mercury votive in red for a special dinner or just as everyday glamor.

Brighten up a dinner table with these gorgeous dinnerware in red, black and white! Another good way to include a little of red, if you are just experimenting. Perfect for Christmas!

A bunch of red roses that won't fade away! Red roses are perfect decoration for so many occasions. Indulge in some prettiness, its a good way to perk up. Love!

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Theme Design: Ideas in Coastal style decor!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Coastal style decor is infused with a laid back style, lovely colors inspired by sea, well lit areas and elements of driftwood, shells and weathered textures. If you love beaches, the sand and sea you would love to bring the outdoors indoor!!

If you have been looking for a theme to revamp your existing home decor, the coastal style theme has so much to offer. With its lovely color combination, attention to details, textures and soothing appeal, this might just be the perfect inspiration for your home!

Little details go a long way when decorating. A rescued window shutter painted in coastal green serves as memo, picture holder. A lovely fusion of functionality and decorative!

Gorgeous sand colored living room! The simplicity of modern furniture with rustic accent. Love the easy diy inspiration, a wooden tray filled with sand, and display beach finds :)

An unusual large mirror is the focal center in this feminine inspired bedroom. Pastel blues and distressed white with an old school iron bed. Rustic chic at its best!

Lovely gray and soft blue makes this living room a haven for relaxation. The colors inspire a peaceful zen. Gorgeous lighting with an attention to comfort! Heart it :-)

This living room is all about the textures. The rattan seating is comfortable and white distressed wood table adds to the charm. Wide open windows is absolutely inviting!

Love the cabinets with aqua green glass! This is about the most amazing detail one can add to coastal theme kitchen decor. The resonance of aqua blue and yellow is so delightful!

A fun corner breakfast nook is a good place to welcome summer mornings. Natural fibers are just the perfect touch, and coupled with some bright colors its full of warmth.

Cottage style wall paneling adds instant charm to any space. The rough wooden shelf and aqua colors fit right in with beach chic. Its sparse, stylish and comfortable!

A modern teens bedroom done in coastal style. Love the combination of aqua blue and green. The colors are soothing, and the entire room is done in perfect harmony!

Add lovely decorative accents in your favorite theme and color to perk up the decor. These pillows in waves and sea shell motifs will look cozy on a reading chair or a day bed!

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Theme Design: Polka dots decor ideas!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Polka dot has been in fashion forever! It is one of those trends that will keep showing up time and again. If you love fun cheerful styling, this is one motif you should consider. Its a plucky happy accent and would look amazing in just about any room.

Polka dot is easy to include in so many decor style, cottage chic, country to chic sophistication. What I specially love about this theme is how easy it is to find accents pieces in a vast color palette. Perfect for those who want a custom feel at department store price!!

 Yellow polka dot wall is just the best way to absolutely brighten up any room! A focal wall in cheery color will make it come alive! Perfect boho kitschy twist to boring white :)

The wall art is just so perfect! Love the sophistication of gray velvet and golden yellow. The bright white with just the balance of gray looks amazing! Tip, use wallpaper swatch for instant art.

If you are looking for a quick way to redecorate a girl's room, polka dots decal is just perfect! Its an easy fix and adds the funky bit of color to the all pink palette here. Love!

A little of blue and white looks great with brown and pink. The bit polka dot is just a right with the solid colors. Polka dots is a nice girly motif, be sure to experiment!

Pink and white is a very popular combination. All white room can be glaring, soften it up by adding polka dots in your favorite colors. It will add a homey feel to the space.

The best way to welcome sunny days in laying out happy colors! The dinner set is just so charming, alternate between colors keeping the pattern same for an interesting look :)

Unusual but so striking, green polka dot refrigerator! If you have a piece of furniture you want to experiment with, get dollar store price stickers and give it a temporary makeover!

A fun little surprise to take off the edge off curtains in solid color. Sheer curtains with dots adds just the right dose of cheer to a little girl's room.

This stylized version of polka dots in black on ivory has a nice touch of sophistication. There is the arm chair in the pattern, but the vase and mirror do mimic the same too.

One good way to use different kinds of pattern is to mix them while keeping the same color combination. It is specially good tip when choosing accents.

This bedroom in decorated in blue and red accent colors. The variety of polka dots, checks and floral. The mix is absolutely gorgeous! Recreating this would be easy too.

Another version of mixing patterns. The tangerine yellow is so gorgeous and a rather unique combination with some lovely shades of blue. The colors are just beautiful!

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Theme Inspiration: Retro Stylish Seventies !

Friday, February 1, 2013

Vintage and retro interior design are such an interesting study. The trends of seventies were so unique. Elements like Panton chairs, shag rugs, atomic designs, wall paper in psychedelic prints, and the celebration of color. Pink, purple, green, yellow they came together in such unusual combinations. It was a time for unapologetic display. Loud colors and individualistic style. A break away from previous trends.

Always been fascinated with vintage stuff, I love the quirkiness and boho feel from the seventies. The elevated hearth, avacado green living room and the absolute favorite, conversation pits. Enjoy a selection of designs from the seventies, these were some of the coolest years.

Love the shag rug and red fireplace. Everything is so on trend! The egg chairs and panel wall. The atomic inspired art on the wall is so typical of the decade.

Seventies was also know for its Flower Power! Bright colors and floral motif, pink cool. This would be perfect even today on a focal wall, just the right amount of kitschy.

Absolutely unique of the era, conversation pits! I would love it any day :) Depressed section of flooring with built in seating. Those yellow and orange might be jarring but the pit, adore!

Shag rug and low seating. This place looks rather stylish and comfortable in its own way. Very boho chic and a simple sophistication. Imagine entertaining here!

Absolutely vibrant, eye popping blues! What really caught my eye was how the curtain is incorporated into the wall art. What interesting times, love the mushroom seat though.

Known for its obsession for bright colors and psychedelic prints this bedroom is straight from the seventies. The colors are bright and an unusual combination, yellow, purple and pink! 

Exposed wall was another feature from the 70s decor. This exposed rock wall is simply stunning. A few furniture pieces and it has the ultimate comfortable cozy feel.

Avacado green and elevated fireplace. A open plan living room, simple open shelves and an absolutely radical design chair. Seventies was know for its contradiction.

Sleek Scandinavian with bold black and gold wall paper. The 70s was all about finding individuality, its uniqueness lied in its contradictions. Combination of gold and black is gorgeous!

Brown, rust and bronze are the dominant colors in this dining room. The chairs are my favorite! It has a very posh stylish feel and the dining set would be perfect even today.

A really fun accent, terrarium ottoman. These are inflatable, how much cooler can it be! An absolutely unique furniture piece. Love the bizarre feel, just calls to me :)

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