Craft: 15 Interesting ideas to display Bird Cages!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Its so fascinating to see everyday objects turned into pretty accent pieces with the simple magic of creativity! There are so many beautiful things we collect with the hope of using them as decoration, all we need is a little inspiration to power our creative cells. This post has a whole collection of ideas to repurpose bird cages into fabulous accent pieces and beautiful table decorations!

Because of its unique shape bird cages can be used to hold just about anything!! Candles, flowers, little potted plants, art, jewelry and so much more! They add an old world charm, a chic style quotient to any space. You will surely be inspired to look for your own bird cage soon ;)

Holiday decoration at thrift store price! Beautiful cottage style hand crafted centerpieces for Christmas! Don't the birds made from vintage book pages add a quirky cuteness to the whole setup?!

Perfect for spring-summer! This mini garden on a platter is just the right centerpiece for an outdoor party or theme wedding. It would look absolutely cheerful on a window sill too.

These candles on suspended bird cages have almost a Gothic vibe to it. The unique shape, details of the cage are so delicate! Do not miss the juxtaposed pretty pink tulips and sombre grey carpet in this hallway.

From spring-summer to Gothic and now teen fun! Bird cages are absolutely versatile and can be used in so many decor styles. Love the cute memo card holder! Perfect for displaying jewelry and art too :c)

Since bird cages already come with hooks to hang, it makes them perfect outdoor decoration accent! Fill them with a candles and flowers in fun colors to instantly brighten up a corner. Boho pretty and functional!

What a perfectly charming flower display!! Place a small glass vase and stick flowers through the gaps to create this gorgeous centerpiece. What a lovely cage to begin with! Get hunting everyone!!

Ingenious use as a stationary holder! Whimsical and cute, it holds all the supplies so perfectly! No going back to ordinary stuff again. Love how colorful it looks, almost like a decoration in itself.

Beautiful decoration for sun rooms and patios. These lovely bird cages have been covered in vines and moss to create lovely accent pieces. French chic and understated elegance. The little bird is an adorable addition!

Find some different sized bird cages in a pet or craft store, add artificial vines and moss, cute mushroom birds and hang them with a swatch of burlap! I so heart this!!

I am so taken by the bird cage motifs. This is an amazing wall decal idea! Perfect for a floral themed bedroom. The lush purple and black, fresh feminine floral and cute bird cages make this a favorite design!

A votive filled with coffee beans and a candle, placed in a rustic ivory bird cage. A  simple setup that immediately calls for compliments! Create this on a budget, and enjoy all the admiration. Try different combinations as variations.

Easter is around the corner, this lovely Easter lunch table setting is has some beautiful details. Rustic cottage chic decor and some simple yet lovely details. Unusual bird cages as chandeliers are a cute focal point!

Another gorgeous idea to display candles in a bird cage. Imagine the many variations!!

Mirrored cage is a dramatic addition to any room. This could also be perfect for hanging/displaying jewelry in a teen room. There can be so many uses for this lovely mirror.

Gorgeous new way to hold place cards for a wedding or party! You could also get guests to write message/ wishes for the couple and present it to them as a memento. The visual impact is just so sweet!

Easter Decorations : 12 Gorgeous table setting Ideas!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Easter Sunday lunch is a special occasion. It is always a beautiful surprise when not only the food but even the table setting is thoughtful and decorated in the festive spirit! Impress one and all with some gorgeous place setting in beautiful vibrant colors of spring. Enjoy the freshness of flowery blooms and greenery of herbs and wheat germ grass.

Here are lovely table setting ideas perfect for Easter lunch and gathering. Egg tree, pretty centerpieces and Easter decorations to create stunning table scapes!

Fresh color combination of pretty white and blue with a hint of pink and orange! The table runners laid across is an interesting detail. Elegant spring table setting!

Lush colors of spring flowers and a gorgeous bunting make this outdoor picnic lunch so inviting. Almost a boho-gypsy style with a mix of colors and pattern. Love!

Simple and vibrant! Yellow orange tulip centerpiece is perfect for Easter celebrations. The pretty pastel colors are soothing and delightful. Easy to recreate and very cheerful!

A very unusual and elegant lavender themed table setting! Cute rustic chicken coop mesh has been spray painted for rusty look and topped with mossy nest and little eggs! Heart the purple glass tumblers :c)

Easter is the perfect opportunity to arrange a lovely outdoor gourmet delight. Yellow, and green gel well for a fresh spring look. Wheat germ/herb grass trays as place mat is so unique!

An elaborate table setting for Easter which has been done up with much effort! Cover a basket with moss to create the perfect centerpiece. The place mats are so adorable! Pastel heaven :c)

Cheerful orange themed table scape for Easter! Easy to pull off, it would look as charming in any other color. Simple tablecloth and fresh baskets of spring tulips, wine/wine glass in the same shade to tie it all neatly!

A bright burst of colors and adorable egg wreath! Easy diy, use a wreath base and wrap nylon threaded plastic eggs(use hot needle to make holes). This is my favorite since I love vibrant colors!

Such a cute idea!! Bring out your egg cups a little early and plant coriander or wheat germs. Use them generously to add a lovely flavor to your meal. So impressive!

Polka dots is always cute! A beautiful Easter table setting with fun polka dot table cloth and cups. Lovely cottage chic decor. The hanging egg wreath chandelier is an adorable addition!

Love the bunny bunting. The little pom pom tails are so whimsical cute! Perfect craft idea for Easter. Not to miss the table decoration done in straw,punched art and ribbons. Use thumb tacks/sew to secure.

Cheerful pairing of bright colors is perfect for Spring Easter theme! Quirky little bird and green fur fabric for place mat. The lovely flowers add to the fun setting. Such a visual delight!

Easter craft and fun activities for kids: Egg Animals!!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Easter is a great time to get crafty!! Kids love Easter and in keeping with their enthusiasm and the tradition of Easter eggs here are a some awesome ways. Make some cute animals, birds and other adorable critters! When you have so many eggs and plastic eggs at hand using them for some cute craft is perfect way to spend time.

There are a lot of ideas that I would be posting here and subsequent posts too. Pick your favorite animals, create a complete animal farm, bird mobiles, bunnies, sheep and little babies! Have the most fun happy time crafting! Ideas from Family fun and Martha Stewart.

Love vintage and this is an amazing collection of quirky cute ideas for Easter craft! Easy to more elaborate, something for all ages. Love!!

Supplies: Eggs + Acrylic Paint supplies + Sequins + Felt flowers + Felt scraps + Wool Felt + Ribbon + Baby sock (or knitting expert!) + Pom Poms!

Every kid's favorite- Easter Bunny! This is such a simple craft and looks absolutely adorable! Great for little hands and does not take too long to make too :c)

Supplies : Egg + Pom poms + Paper/Felt ears + Glue dots + Curling ribbon (green for carrots) + Paper shreds + Sharpie pen!

If the Easter bunny is here, how can the sheep be far behind! Such a cute one too.. love the little cutie!

Supplies : Brown Egg + Cotton Balls + Tacky Glue + Brown Pipe cleaners + Paper ears + Sharpie pen.

Mamma pig and baby pig having fun in the puddle! There is something so quirky yet cute about little pink pigs :c)

Supplies : Eggs (Pink) + Buttons/round cardboard (Pink) + Pink Pipe cleaners + Pink cord for tail (dip in glue and curl around straw till dry) + Crepe paper ears.

Promised you a whole farm of animals for Easter! There are some really cute ones here, specially like the Owl and Skunk!

Supplies : Plastic colored eggs + Felt + Play dough balls (tiny feet) + Wool (tails) + Glue + Sharpie pen!

This itty bitty chick is an easy fun project! Googly eyes and a heart for feet, it can't get any cuter :c)

Supplies : Plastic Egg + Card stock (wings, beak) + Cardboard (feet) + Googly eyes + Thread (bunched)

Hard boiled eggs dyed a pretty pastel are perfect to make little birdies in a nest! It might also work as a centerpiece or you may wish to make a nest for each guest ;)

Supplies : Dyed eggs/wooden/plastic + Crepe paper (beak, wings ) + Paper shreds (brown) + Sharpie pen.

Since so much of fun activities happen outdoors in Easter, a pretty bee mobile is a good decoration idea. You could use plastic eggs and poke hole with a hot needle or use raw eggs hollowed out.

Supplies : Plastic eggs (yellow)/ Eggs + Paints (yellow, Black) + Black tape (plastic egg) + Thread + Crepe paper wings + Sharpie pens.

Love this happy colorful flock of birds. I love upcycling projects and this one is just so sweet! All you would need are  empty egg carton and craft store feathers. Perfect in the tradition of dyed eggs!

Instructions > here

These are just a few of the ideas for Easter activity and craft decorations. There are more to come, enjoy every bit of planning and creating little master pieces with your kids! Holidays are always more fun when spent together :c)

10 Amazing teen/preteen girl's room Ideas!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

As kids grow, they change in so many ways. Their living space should reflect their personalities and choices. Take time to find out how they spend time, their hobbies and likes. There are so many ways to provide them with a bedroom design that not only is pretty but more importantly has details to make their daily life more fun!

Self expression is so important, let them choose colors they like, include ideas for storage and space to display their art and photos. This post has so many decor ideas that might help you get started in designing your kids room.

Nature lover girl's bedroom decor. Beautiful tree decal and wire flower frames to pin up photos. A cheerful color scheme and lots of storage space. Gorgeous teen bedroom!

Canopy bed are such a delicate addition to any bedroom. This teen bedroom is so chic and cheerful.  To recreate get different sized frames for cheap and create a memory wall!

Unusual olive green and coral look so refreshing! Push a low dresser against the bed, remove some drawers and create open shelves instead (knock out the front). Teen bedroom furniture instantly!

Fancy polka dot wall decoration to jazz up the room. Use stencils or wall decals and intersperse inexpensive round mirror/dots mirror stickers (ebay) for a modern look. Swatches of fabric and wall paper in frames keeps the color scheme going!

Love the delicate flowery pattern bedding. The pastel green and pale yellow make for a bright cheerful combination! Hints of pink and accents add to make this room adorable!

Fun mix of pattern and color makes this a happy space. The reclaimed wood frames above the headboard is so quaint. Ivory walls and lots of light makes this room so inviting! Love the retro looking ottoman :)

A lovely bedroom in 'Woods' theme. Add lots of colors, it stimulates the brain but do not overdo! Brown is the base color and it anchors the various prints. Lovely memo boards, cute ladder to hold magazines!

This is such a visual delight! Lovely color combination and flowery pattern, cute girly chandelier and mirror memo board. Salvaged wood shelf is great storage idea, they frame the window perfectly!

Pretty purple and white bedroom for little girls. This basic bedroom is uplifted by the color combination. The sheer whites add a dreamy look. Love the cute bird house book shelf!

Fabulous beach themed girl's bedroom in pastels. The lovely colors pop in the neutral background. Accents and upholstery prints add cute nuances to this fun bedroom. Surf board pin board and rattan whale basket are just too cute to miss. :c)

13 Interesting headboard designs!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Interesting headboard add a complete twist to boring bed! Even the most basic bed can be a totally amazing with a little creative touch to it. Some of these ideas are a simple upcycle, using room separator screens in a new way. Others are more dramatic like vintage mirrors and floating shelves. There are lots of way you can find functionality and style when choosing a new headboard design.

A pretty powder blue screen is used as a headboard. The intricate design and extra height makes it the focal point and adds so much charm to the bedroom.

If you are big on theme decor, this Hawaiian bedroom is perfect in every way! The exotic cushions, colorful lei and to top it all natural bamboo headboard! It even doubles up as a pin board. heart it :c)

Sometimes even a basic bed frame can be decorated to up the style quotient! These hand made coffee filter flower have been stained by coffee and the garland is unique and a surprise addition. Easy diy!

Keep it simple yet artistic! An easy idea to decorate basic headboard is to hang a colorful rug/crocheted afghan or fabric remnant from curtain fabric for an instant makeover. Quick and easy to customize.

Finding a colorful headboard for in your chosen color palette might be sometimes difficult . Look for paintings and art work and hang them over the bed for an unconventional twist. 

So smitten by this Moroccan inspired bedroom! Delicate filigree work tiles look gorgeous on pastel blue wall. The setup is minimalistic yet looks absolutely classy and elegant.

Fabulous Bohemian style bedroom! Love the many colors and mixed prints. Quirky cute vintage mirror are an unexpected addition. So many fabulous details in this design, totally in love! ~ Bucket ottoman?!

From an inspiring mix of colors to this crisp bedroom design! The floating shelves are great to store books and display decoration. They are within easy reach and perfect if you love reading in bed ;c)

This is perfect if you are on a budget or looking for diy ideas to decorate your dorm. Paint a headboard on the wall and use stencils or wall decal to add details. Would be extra special if you can paint it yourself. The possibilities are endless!!

Lots of storage and shelves built into the headboard. Teens spend a lot of time gaming, studying, hanging out with friends in their bedroom. Having their stuff easily reachable yet organized is a fabulous idea! It would leave the rest of floor clear too.

Rescue a vintage tri fold mirror and give it a new life as headboard! Prop it up on a base and secure it to the walls for a fabulous headboard. Such a genius of an idea, love the character it adds to this bedroom.

A beautiful slice of tree trunk in all its lovely details! Stunning headboard design and organic shape makes it one of a kind. Perfect size and sits pretty in the sparse furnished loft. So elegant!

An iron room divider is propped against the wall as a headboard! Cute lacey design and lovely distressed color. This would be perfect to hang swags of sheer fabric, garland or pictures and postcards. So many ways to 'embellish' it for holidays and occasions!


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