Theme Design: Neon decor ideas for home!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Bright gorgeous colors have a way of adding cheer and spirit into our everyday life. Neon colors have been so much in fashion lately. This color trend is quite in sync with summer and spring! Home accent and upholstery in neon is a good experiment and the pop of color is absolutely fun. Love it! hope you are as inspired :o)

An easy makeover for old furniture with surface damages. Paint them a bright color and it will get the deserved attention. Mid century design was never looked funkier!

Modern color palette of Gray with pops of neon. Using bright colors for accent on a neutral base makes for interesting points of attention. Buy Ikea furniture and consider customizing them. Good value :)

The cuteness of these stools aside love the delicate setup! Neon is so eye catching that even hints of it can transform any corner. You don't have to go big to bring some neon into your lives.

So colorful! Bright and comfortable, this is the perfect relaxing nook. It looks fabulous against the stark white backdrop and instantly warms up the place. Must for those white winters for me :)

Neon colors don't always have to be in the face. Sometimes a piped down version is really attractive. Coral and soothing brown bedding is super stylish. It adds an edgy flair to the bedroom decor.

Hopelessly smitten by mid-century modern. Intense use of turquoise, and yet its coral red that makes all the difference. Gorgeous Pyrex and Catherine Holm enamelware must be feeling right at home!

Accent wall with eye popping colors! Wonderful combination of blue and apple green, so unusual and very striking. If you have it in you, go for a transformation, reupholster and rejuvenate.

Modern contemporary kitchen design with hints of neon yellow. An alternative for those looking for a urban chic inspiration. Gray and yellow combination has featured here before.

Splash of so many colors! This living room is so gorgeous, it radiates cheer. Perfect for those who don't shy away from colors and love to experiment. This surely is fabulous!

As always, try experimenting with small decorative stuff before committing money and time on a larger project. Neon is a still quite in trend. Do consider!

Source: Etsy

Even a touch of neon can transform ordinary colors. The piping is minimal and yet adds to the cool factor! A good craft idea, perfect for teen room.

Theme Design: 10 Ways to choose curtains!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I have been away, been busy with a move across continents and countries but now I am back!

 If you have just moved into a new place or are looking at updating the decor of your home, one key area are curtains. Though it might seem a simple choice, so many ready to hang options available, however if you choose a theme combination beforehand it just looks so much more finished and sophisticated.

Think of choosing a palette of colors, or themes like floral, Moroccan or retro. There are so many ways to build around a designs and color of upholstery. Hope you find some easy tips and inspiration!

Gorgeous bright colors uplift the mood. Cool retro pattern and beautiful mid-century furniture ties the whole look beautifully! Choose one busy pattern, here curtains and other upholstery in solid colors.

Love this modern living room. The curtains and sofa upholstery have same colors in different designs. The different patterns keep the look visually pleasing, while still in the same theme colours. 

If you are thinking of buying ready to hang curtains, but like a tailor made look; but an extra panel and use the cloth for a cushion. Display it on an accent chair or a comfortable reading chair for added style!

Absolutely love the decor of this living room! Basic theme of colors. To make it more glamorous consider ordering decals in the same color theme. There are many sellers online, who offer customized decals. 

Sheer curtains have a beautiful flowy feel and filter natural light. This is such an easy setup and yet it looks so cheerful and happy! Bright happy colors make this a lovely place to kick back and entertain.

The high windows have a regal feel  The striped curtain is perfect foil for the lighter flowery ash gray curtains. When covering a large space its important to break the pattern while still keeping them in a theme.

Modern teal and black living room! Easy combination of two colors for a rich luxuriant decor. One wall is painted in accent color and rest in neutral oatmeal. Chrome and black add to the drama.

Sheers have a way of uplifting the entire decor to a more dreamy, exotic level. This Moroccan inspired living room has beautiful pastel purple curtains. Purple and chrome/silver is an all time favorite!

Purple compliments Gold gorgeously! This is a good inspiration for a diy. Sheer panels of purple and gold trim/ribbon. Use sequins and applique for added oomph. It would even work well in teen room.

Diy inspiration! If you have some vintage scarf or fabric making them into cute kitchen window curtains would be easy. The lamp shade has similar lace trimmings. The whole feel is so cozy and cheerful.


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