12 Advent Calendar Ideas for Craft this Christmas!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Advent Calendar is THE way for count down until Christmas! There are some terrific ideas in this post for crafting your very own Advent Calendar. I love the little surprises tucked for every day, it makes waiting for Christmas so much more fun and exciting.

Easy Advent Calendar craft. Tiny gift bags and scrap booking supplies is all you need to make this modern elegant table centerpiece/decoration.

Love this adorable birdhouse Advent Calendar. I would be thriller every morning just pulling out the little cubbies :)

Cute, inexpensive and clever craft idea! Stash your surprises in this matchbox Christmas Tree. Let each kid make their own unique one :)

Beautiful uber stylish! Pick an ornament each day till Christmas to decorate your tree. You can even hang jewelry and mementos.

Repurpose a ladder into an Advent Calendar. Sew little bags and tie them with ribbons for a clever crafty Advent Calendar idea.

The simplicity of picking a present each day is so fun. Don't mark the day, enjoy the random draw each morning!

Advent Calendar cube cubby. This is a perfect way to decorate mantel for Christmas. Little reminders of the season and holiday cheer!

Great way to decorate small space. Tie a ribbon and hang vintage cards spelling 'CHRISTMAS' and matching decorations. Love how it ends with the Christmas tree right below.

This is my favourite, a beautiful Advent Calendar made of felt and gingham stars! Easy sew for someone crafty or just use 'no-stitch' fabric glue.

Easy Advent Calendar idea,ready in no time! Small cloth bags, ribbon and tack pins is all you need. Put it up on a wall or board. Cheat: Use glue instead of stitch and pop a bead to sinch the ribbon.

Wool and felt are the perfect fabric for winter. These felt mittens strung together is an awesome idea! You could even make some out of old sweaters or single/out-grown gloves. Shabby chic!

Paste a paper cut out Christmas tree on a door or wall. Use lots of sticky glue dots (removable) and pop the gifts on it. Instant colorful and fun Advent Calendar!

Can't wait till Christmas! Having an Advent Calendar will surely make the wait a little more bearable :) Enjoy every day of December with a little surprise for you loved ones, kids specially love Advent Calendar! Enjoy the Holiday season everyone!!

20 Creative Gift-wrapping Ideas for Christmas!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Christmas celebrations include buying gifts for loved ones!! It is sweeter when not just the gift but even the wrapping is beautiful and creative. Imagine wowing them with unique wrapping ideas, those which will make them appreciate the gift even before they open it!

I love creative ways to decorate and recycle. These craft ideas for gift wrapping will surely inspire you. I would rather stay away from plastic wrapping which get torn away in no time and are impossible to recycle. Add a personal touch to gifts this holiday!

Use vintage paper coasters, old holiday cards and craft ribbons for these delightful gift wrapping. The sprig of green adds gorgeous contrast!

What a great way to decorate humble brown bags as fantastic gift bags. Use buttons, wool, strips of craft paper left overs with a pinch of creativity.

Eco-friendly and perfect for Christmas! Love the cute pine cones and pine leaves, tied with some twine. Cottage chic and so elegant.

Use printed decorated tins that can be reused for storage. Perfect for cookies, or small gifts and gorgeous result with little effort. Look for miniature baubles and old Christmas light bulbs to use as accent.

Are you a proud owner of crazy bunch of buttons? Great way to reuse and decorate in a jiffy. Don't have buttons..punch out round colorful circles and use to similar effect.

Brown paper is a classy, inexpensive alternative. Make them unique by adding embellishments. Use stamps, like snowflakes to create designs. Kids will love to help out!

Another impressive gift wrapping idea. Punch holes to make a delicate lacey ribbon out of paper. Use the colorful punched out 'circles' as confetti gift decoration.

Leftover yarn to tie a gift box, and gorgeous pom poms as accents.

How cute is this vintage cookie cutter tag/embellishment! It can be stored away for use later.

Vintage Christmas lights arranged as bow. Amazing way to upcycle a busted string of lights.

Use newspaper, comic book pages or magazine center folds to wrap small gifts. Use ribbons in gorgeous bright hues to add the pop of color.

If your kids love to cut out paper figures this might be a lovely gift wrapping idea. Draw/print-Snip-Stick!

Punched out paper snowflakes on a string to tie around a gift. Use paper punches to create delicate doilies, or make paper snowflakes to add as embellishments.

Tutorial to make an embellishment out of newspaper or craft paper. It would look so cool made in colorful paper. Good craft idea for a dull winter day.

Sponge paint triangular trees in red. Decorate these Christmas trees with tiny pom poms and ribbons. Another idea would be to use 'used' dryer sheets dyed red for a lovely texture. Love!!

Kids and preschoolers craft idea. Cut out the Christmas Tree landscape and let them punch holes. Easy diy !

Each of these tags are elegant and eclectic at the same time. Good way to add the extra jazz.

This whole bunch of curled newspaper is so stylish! Easy craft idea for unique gift wrapping.

Use 'Gift-tag' stamp the year round!! Easy, fun way to accessories. Love the candy cane detail.

Christmas Decoration Ideas: Theme Colors (Part 3)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

This is the Third part of Theme decoration for Christmas. Keep revamping holiday decorations for fresh new feel. Try out new looks, new colors and style it according to your personality. Add a fluidity to the entire decoration, make your work easier and challenging at the same time.

My absolute favourite tip is to look into thrift stores and vintage stores to pick some unusual trinkets, trims, ribbons and baubles and design around it. Look for porcelain, Victorian, or Shiney Brite from Poland and Japan. Its eco-friendly and the money goes to a good cause too. Make someone's Christmas happy!

Theme decoration Ideas: Red-White

Love that this dining room stays true to inspiration. Done entirely in red and white its a fantastic burst of color perfect for Christmas!

Nothing really difficult to pull off but how pretty this display looks! Perfect table-centerpiece for the holiday.

A table setting done entirely in red-white combination. Very festive and vintage chic.

Mantel decoration in red and white. Good way to display Christmas cards and lovely craft idea!

Theme Decoration Ideas: Green and Red

Love this traditional Christmas tree display! Such a cute bunch of Santa Claus too.

Hallway done up for Christmas. Entryway always makes an impact.

Simple and elegant decoration. The pop of yellow is just right!

Table setting in Green and Red is so perfect for Christmas morning/night!

Wreath made of Cedar leaves and ribbons, could be an easy diy too.

Christmas Decoration Ideas: White

Not an easy one to pull off but white Christmas decoration looks ethereal! Imagine Snow outside and white decorations inside :) Use just a little pop of color to make it even more elegant.

Such a unique twist to a traditional Christmas tree. Edgy and fun!

Love the soft elegance. White is a statement color, projects calmness and purity.

Another good craft idea to display pine cones. Make a diorama, display it on your mantel even as table centerpiece.

Love all the details in this. The pale wall paper is the perfect backdrop for muted colors and brings out the vibrancy of green.

I have used 'love' so many times in this post! Truth is I am smitten by the creativity displayed in each of the theme colors. Hope these help you decide your choice of Christmas decoration and inspires you to experiment with new themes!

Christmas Decoration Ideas: Theme Colors (Part 2)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Christmas theme decoration is a fun concept and adds a newness to holiday celebrations. Keep it unique every time and enjoy the challenges of creativity and bask in the appreciation! I absolutely enjoy using new color combinations, it adds a flow to the entire decoration.

Check out Part 1 of Christmas Decoration Ideas in Colorful Retro, Pink and Blue themes.

This post has some unique color combination to inspire you to use themes this Christmas. Green and white is an evergreen combination. A Christmas with a twist, ideas in Lilac-purple-silver combination. And the absolutely fab Metallic theme in Golden ans Silver!

Theme decoration Ideas: Green-White

A beautiful Green-White combination for this stylish cottage style decor. Love the simple beauty, its exotic without being over the top. 

The mantel looks like a diorama! Love the scenic recreation. Christmas tree in Green and neutrals has an under stated elegance.

Love the shiny snowflakes and baubles! The cedar bunches in vintage silver adds elegance and traditional appeal to it.

This monochromatic green Christmas tree looks so exotic in the warm backdrop of a wooden living room.

Theme decoration Ideas: Purple-Lilac-Silver

Christmas with a twist!! I am so taken by the visual appeal of this Christmas theme. Every details in the decor are so well coordinated. Truly unique!

Lilac-purple looks great with white and silver. Add a pop of purple for an exotic appeal this holiday.

A beautiful coordinated table setting in lilac/purple. Love the eclectic choice of color and so inspired!

Theme decoration Ideas: Silver-Vintage

Gorgeous Silver theme for Christmas! Love the display of vintage silver trays on the mantel.

Easy tip: Cake stand filled with silver baubles for an elegant display. Gorgeous!

Elegant sophistication of Vintage silverware and beautiful foliage with silver stars interspersed.

To keep the theme going, decorate your home with a Silver wreath. Stunning!

Theme decoration Ideas: Golden-Brown

Golden theme. A stunning mantel display. It will surely be the focal point in the room.

There are so many cute little details that make this table setting so fabulous! Such a joy :o)

Over the top!! Totally screaming festive, a laden with gold Christmas tree. Its specially stands out against the stark white wall. Brown and Gold is an evergreen combination.

My love for vintage makes this a favourite! Each Christmas bauble is hand picked and displayed with such elegance. Precious!


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