Home Accents: Designer Wall Clocks -Glam and Stylish !

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Wall clocks are an integral part of any home. This common piece of utility can also be interesting and stylish, adding the extra dose of oomph to your walls . Every piece chosen with care, keeping in mind functionality and purpose will surely make the interiors of the room more flattering!

Some of the parameters to be kept in mind when choosing are size, purpose and design. The variety of wall clocks are immense and with a little help from my selection of unique stylish wall clocks you might just find your own unique design.

Study and Home Office

This clock is just soo unique..place it on a shelf and it will masquerade as books and look into it for time. A totally fun and fabulous piece of art :) I would love to recommend it for study or home office. I think even teen's bedroom would be better off with something quite as special as this.

I specially love the colors, they are so bright and lively !!

Living Room

Living room is a open and friendly place which reflects your personality to a great degree. There are a huge number of options available, but I have a better idea for using the walls ! The next three pictures show different styles of the same.

If you like things simple and yet elegant this could be the one. Would be perfect for a beach home, but anyone can get a piece of beach into their living room in this. Its so pristine in looks and stylish at the same time. My pick of a perfect clock for understated elegance.

The sea shells are so interesting in the clear background!

The novelty of having twelve little photo frames assembled as a clock is beautiful !!

The eccentric and fun ! Different views of a globe as markers will surely draw anyones attention..Go for it if its your personality !!

Dining Room

How about a clock for the dining room? With dining room clocks one can choose to place looks before convenience. With emphasis on aesthetics one can be creative and pick interesting designs. Here I have picked one a little on the crazy side and how well it reflects on the style and purpose of the room..Forks and spoons !?! The stainless steel sheen is uber cool and cheerful.

It is sure to be a conversation starter and appreciation guaranteed !


Kitchen clock are a little tricky to pick. It has to be easy to view and also hassle free. With a demanding surrounding of a kitchen a little cheer and sense of humor will surely be much appreciated. Who wouldn't love a cuppa hot tea/coffee to get away from the stress?

The design is super cute and the quirkiness is adorable !

Teen Bedroom

For teens and bachelor pad something more spirited and interest grabbing is required. The next few are just that ! Its exclusive and sporty. It might just be THE thing your room's missing.

This clock is super cute ! Any one can so simple maths but for geeks this clock will be an extension to their personality. Ideal gift for someone maybe :)

How about upcycling your abandoned skateboard ? Its a memento from your childhood, add a simple clock mechanism to it and give it a new lease of life. Same can be used on many other surfaces too.

If space ships and future toys appeal to your boys than this is PERFECT !! The alien arms with bright lights are unconventional and spooky. The piece is so striking that it deserves a corner of its own.

I am sure butterflies clock in black and white or colorful will appeal to many girls. Good solution for a girl's bedroom.

Sun Room and Portico

I totally love this driftwood and shells clock. Perfect for outdoors and difficult to pass !

The carved metal wall decoration has a clock as well. I think it will add a lot of style and grace to any room. Iron makes it durable for a long time too.


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