Ideas and Inspiration : Home decoration for Halloween

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Halloween is here ! I see people decorating their homes and I am so inspired. Every year its fun to try new decoration ideas and get creative. For some like me, internet comes to rescue. Halloween decoration is specially fun because of the wackiness and crazy ideas.

I have put together a few decoration ideas for Halloween to inspire you to create your own. Most of these are past year's inspiration from Pottery barn, and some simple diy too. Get your creative juices flowing and let the craziness begin :))

Carving is not for everyone. But with simple stencils or help from internet, one can come up with this stunning decoration. Halloween and pumpkins, but add a twist and try your hand at this. You are sure to get compliments :)

Inviting people over, and short of Halloween ideas, this decoration is tasteful and fun, lots of gothic galmour here, black and white with a good dose of orange.Love the table runner !!

It might look like a challenge to decorate your doorway but not so much. Get loads of pumpkin and spay cans in white and silver. Use some thrifted lamps, dollar store candles,dried branches from backyard, get the inspiration. Stunning yet simple.

Loved this Halloween decor idea. Black and orange rules. Get some foamy sheets and stamp out the leaves, need not be so elaborate. Buy some interesting candle stands, use some creativity and bring out good old black umbrellas. Boo !

This has to be the simplest yet the cutest Halloween decoration ever ! Large orange paper lanterns, sprinkling of dried leaves and a spooky tree. Love the evil faces and simple diy project. Get your kids together and make one for your home today ! My favourite :D

This is so elegant, but the inspiration behind is simple to use. Black and white in large glass jars. Befitting treat and a beautiful way to decorate any corner. Use the candies for kids who come knocking too. ;)

A simple and stylish idea for Halloween. Little mess and very pretty. For those who like to celebrate Halloween in quite elegance. Perfect for stairs and  doorway.

I loved this Halloween decoration for bar, there is a lot of thought put into this design.With friends coming over, a good way to keep spirits high on a Halloween night. Perfect !

I would so love to see how some of you decorated your homes for Halloween. Do share any pictures you would like. Send me a message and I will love to post it here :) Happy Halloween everyone !

Lush color for your home !

Sunday, October 17, 2010

I love home decor in bright colors, with season changing, the day getting dull and cold, bright colors bring into our lives the cheer and energy. I love sunny days, and flowers and lush green, if you would like your interior and home decor to keep the summer alive, these home decor ideas may help you design your own little 'summer' :)

Glam up a room, or design a new look, get inspired by some of these colorful nook and areas and let the your heart guide you. With a little inspiration, make your home the perfect haven for you.

Full of flowery design and bright colors, this design would be ideal for summer but if you are like me, love brightness and color all around, this one is a love mish mash of all things wonderful !

Grey wall is the perfect canvas for this colorful display. Its perfect to bring the rainbow of colors into your live.It maybe be grey and snowing outside, but this will keep your spirit cheerful and happy .

The stark white wall and mix of colors in it is so pleasant and crisp.Orange and green stand out the most, and brings in energy and pleasantness.Simple layout for ideal for an apartment.

This decor is not for the timid, its lush in its colorful extravaganza. The pink and yellow along with the mix of colors is so bright and powerful. For the fun and young at heart, I love the energy !

Simple and easy way to add some color to your kitchen is to use a ceramics in a whole array of colors. It is pretty and functional and the cuteness is sure to fetch you loads of compliments.

Its quite amazing how prints and color can transform any room. While its quite a task to change the wall color and furniture, its easier to change the upholstery. The pretty colors and the amazing prints all bring liveliness to this other wise staid room. Love the little stool, with embroidered flowers !

White has a way of reflecting light and opening up areas, the flowers and pretty cushions add the zing and character to this room. A simple way to make a living room stylish and beautiful.

This post has been a riot of colors and I hope you would be as inspired as I am. A little bit of color, tastefully done,can bring a world of a difference to any room.

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