Theme Inspiration: Decor Ideas in Yellow and Orange!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Orange and yellow are beautiful warm colors and work great together! These are fabulous colors that have energy and look really cozy and vibrant. Include some neutral color to the palette to bring out these popping colors. Orange and yellow look absolutely sophisticated with teal and pink as accent colors.

The two colors pair so well and look modern chic against grey and charcoal black background. Working with these colors is easy and the ideas in this post will help you decide the combinations that suit your personality and space.

Inspired by nature the dull Gray and popping Orange and yellow make for a visually striking focal wall.

Color Combination : Orange + Yellow + Dull Gray + Black

Yellow and Orange look lovely in this neutral modern living room. They bring a cheerful feeling and warmth to make it really inviting.

Color Combination : Orange + Yellow + Beige + White

Love this lovely porch with Moroccan flair! The unexpected teal and pink look lively against the pristine white backdrop. To me it looks like a painting :c)

Color Combination : Orange + Yellow + Green + Pink + Teal + White

This accent chair in yellow looks fresh and dramatic! The light walls is a perfect canvas to showcase the striking color patterned upholstery.

Color Combination : Orange + Yellow + Beige + White + Pastel pink

An exuberant display of colors. A whimsical bold burst of Pink, Orange and Yellow! A beautiful retro modern feel to it, the upholstery pattern and colors are so gorgeous.

Color Combination : Orange + Yellow + Pink

Color of sunlight Yellow and Orange mimic the beautiful sun rays and add a dollop of cheer to any corner. These beaded Moroccan inspired lantern/votive look absolutely exotic.

Color Combination : Orange + Yellow + Green

Add Orange and Yellow as accent colors in small amount if you are experimenting. These embroidered ethnic cushions are a great way to try this new combination. Lilac and Grey are an unusual choice but look fabulous!

Color Combination : Orange + Yellow + Grey + Lilac

Charming Retro mod kitchen with hot Pink and Yellow flooring. This is such an exotic combination for a kitchen but looks so interesting. No more dull mornings. Love!

Color Combination : Orange + Yellow + Pink + Turquoise blue + Ivory

Simple sophistication! The right amount of yellow and orange elevates this dull boring bedroom to a whole new level. It adds an instant oomph and focal point to the bedroom.

Color Combination : Orange + Yellow + Brown + Beige

Great for teenagers, this color combination has lots of vivacity and energy. Combined with a few other colors makes it a perfect blend of charm and elegance. 

Color Combination : Orange + Yellow + Pink + White

I love the positive vibes of Orange and Yellow! The charm and cheerfulness is addictive. Include it in any form and you are sure to elevate the vibes of the space. The warmth and romance of these colors can add a kick to any room. Hope this inspires you to warm up to these fantastic color combinations!

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