Valentine's Day Party Ideas! Romantic setting!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Valentine's day is the perfect opportunity to splash your emotions and creativity! This holiday use some fun and beautiful tips to create a lasting memory. Easy fun ideas to help you decorate for that special valentine's date you have been thinking about! Stunning stylish party decoration and settings too. If you believe in less is more, some pretty, uber stylish centerpieces in holiday colors too. Let 'Red' and 'Hearts' rule your space.

Valentine's day = Flowers, candles, hearts, chocolates, pink, red and coziness. Some awesome ideas to help inspire you :c)

Nothing quite like having an alfresco lunch! Beautiful setting for a colorful, cozy lunch. Absolutely bliss!

On a budget? Use a theme color for some extra oomph. Votives, place mats, flowers and some amazing food. Don't forget some nice music. It does look so fresh and inviting :)

This setting is straight out of a fairy tale! Picnic bench would not be a bad choice either. Plop cushions to make it more cozy and festive. Get bunches of wild flower, delicate china to make it a special occasion.

Beautiful french chic dinner decor. Love the red against white. Not too soon after Christmas, keep some crystals and ornaments in red and silver handy to add instant sparkle.

If you have really been waiting for that ultimate inspiration. This is it! Beautiful canopy of sheer white and pretty pink blossom are the perfect setting for a romantic cozy date. Perfection!!

Last minute idea to decorate the table for Valentine's day? Bring out some candles and crystals. Amazing how Christmas decoration can be used to brighten it up effortlessly. Use just a few to keep it classy ;c)

Now for some easy, fun craft decorations to celebrate Valentine's Day!

Fun flirty heart bunting to add the holiday cheer to any space! Hang it on the doorway, mantle, window or your headboard. Make variations with felt, beads, lace or simple card stock.

Get thrifty crafty! Use colorful paper to wrap around lamp shades and easy change. Make sure you only glue paper to paper though!
One can find so many heart shaped cookie and chocolate boxes. Mod podge them with colorful wrapping paper or make mini collages with photos. They look so elegant and classy!

Add just a hint of holiday and romance to your work place too. Vintage silver teapots and creamers with some pretty flower buds. Do insert a small glass vase (with water) inside to keep metal from tarnishing!

This is my favorite! For a casual surprise, pick colorful flowers and let float them in a can of water. Add a candle too and a few drop of favorite essence if appreciated. Reminds me of Rainbow in a bucket!

A pretty flowery string of light with add glamor to any nook in an instant! Fill a big glass vase with Christmas lights to create a fun centerpiece. 
I believe used dryer sheets can be used to make these pretty flowers too. Try ironing them at high temperature to check their heat resistance first!

Understated elegance! Love this lovely setting. Perfect for dorms and apartments, use a little creativity to break out of monotonous store bought decorations. So impressive!

Valentine's day is a beautiful holiday to celebrate love in our lives. Make it a memorable event and enjoy every aspect of selecting, planning, creating and decorating your homes. Have fun and enjoy the holiday. Be inspired!

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