Livingroom : 9 Zen designs to inspire !

Monday, September 20, 2010

Zen is not just a way of meditation but a way of living. For anyone who loves the concept of  peace and serenity and calmness of mind, zen way of designing is a perfect choice. It concentrates on turning your home into a place for getting away from stress and allowing positive feeling and calmness to envelope you.

It is designed around 'less is more'. Think of neutral color on wall, open airy windows, few but furniture with clean lines and fluidity in it. Borrow from nature and bring in plants and pebbles, natural form and sounds. Keep the whole concept soothing, away from too much of color or bling, and keep the energy flowing.

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Serene and inspiring. This design is done in neutral shades and keeps it interesting with natural and flowy forms. The wall pattern, Buddha statue, tree and oriental table add a distinctly Japanese touch. I am inspired !

Modern furniture in a Zen setting is what makes this design so appealing. Zen decor is easy to achieve with just a few pieces and keeping is simple and uncluttered. The light filtering in and use of white creates a very positive affect.

Zen decor does not mean removing colors, it however means finding a harmony within the space. The living room is spartan, yet fun and pleasing. The low tables and wooden accent on the walls and flooring and bamboo curtain completes the look.

Color red is what stands out in this living room. Zen gives special importance to red. I love how only natural objects like the bamboo sapling and pebbles are used. Simple and inspiring decor for zen lovers.

This design is not totally Zen, however is carries the same concept of fluidity and freedom. No clutter, less distraction, neutral shade on the walls. A Zen design for living room for those who love modern maybe ?

Space should not keep one from creating 'Zen'. This design, though in a small space has positivity, simplicity, peace, nature and energy in it. The painting brings in the sky, the plant the greenery, light filters in and how I adore the curtain rail (simple bamboo stick). I would make this mine !

The decor simply inspiring. Nothing to clutter the space and the aesthetics is awesome. The red and green balance the muted natural and black. A great way to get inspired to create your own design.

Open space, high ceiling, french windows, and lots of light. This room is a haven for meditation. The spartan furniture and low setting makes it even more decluttered.

Work with what you have, downscale on the furniture and accent, and keep the energy flowing. The harmony in this room is what makes it special. The whole idea is to get the most out of the space you have. The overall feeling of calmness is what makes it so 'Zen'

Going with 'less is more', to design a room inspired by Zen, you might however like to keep only few quality furnishings, use simple and clean lines. Get the energy flowing, try to get close to nature and its forms. It will not just affect the space but also your lives.

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