Bedroom: 7 Zen ideas to inspire II

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Bedroom is not just another room in our home, but integral to our life's daily unwinding. Its should be the one place where you can let worries go and relax in its peaceful atmosphere. Zen is a perfect decor inspiration for bedroom designs. Think about serenity, uncluttered thoughts, peaceful retreat..a getaway from all the outside stress. The flow of energy is uninhabited, and restful. 

The key to having a zen aura is letting energy flow, uncluttered simple layout, minimal furniture , lots of light and air with balanced colors. A spot of greenery or flowing water will add to the serenity. It should feel like nature.

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The colors in this design is so serene. Blue like skies with sunlight and green fronds, lots of positive energy here. Love the simple elegant furniture design. Very stylish and Zen!

Green is a very soothing color. Its a gentle shade which is relaxing and easy on eyes. The bedroom set in light color wood and compliments the lovely wall color. Nothing too bright or complex, yet packs an impact. Love the framed leaves artwork too.

Yin yang, and how they compliment each other. This Zen bedroom decor has accents in black and white and they balance so beautifully to bring harmony. I love everything about it. The sensible space saving furniture, clean lines, lovely airy window and the energy of yellow. Perfection!

Zen bedroom design can also be modern and stylish. This design has all the key aspects; open layout, ample light, few but impressive furniture and balance of color. Black and white uber stylish bedroom with a splash of blue. Perfect abode for recharging.

The bedroom design is so stunning! Charcoal gray interior walls juxtaposed with bright light is very impressive. There is a lot of diffused lightning in the room and simple elegant furniture. The bamboo shoots against the natural light makes for an interesting accent.

The simple, functional elegance of this bedroom is effortlessly beautiful. The color palate is neutral and the room is well decorated without over crowding. Each piece belongs and is integral to the decor. Don't miss the full length french window.

This bedroom design is streamlined and so delicate. The ivory walls is like a canvas which allows each furniture and accent to show up. A little goes a long way. Simple Chinese lanterns and tatami mat complete the zen look.

Try some form of  Zen in your home decor and lives. I am sure you will love the value it will add to you and your loved ones. The energy will fill your homes and lives, and leave you more happy and peaceful. De-clutter and let the energy flow, today!

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