Theme Inspiration: 10 Laundry room ideas!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Storage and organizing is an important part of keeping a home functional and tidy. While Laundry room may not rank among the most fun, yet it is an important workspace. Upgrade it to a welcoming space with custom cabinets and batter space utilization. Use colorful wall papers and possibly even near a window with a view.

Laundry room should no longer be shunted to basements, make it a part of your living space. Think of using hallway, hidden inside a closet, in the mud room or even as a part of your kitchen!

Stacked washer dryer, counter space for folding, hampers for collecting laundry and lots of overhead storage The high window lets in natural light and the colorful wall paper makes this a happy space.

Mud room for laundry? Absolutely love the details,-nook to tuck in the ironing board, large sink to wash out stains, dryer rack for the hand washed, shelves and so much storage! I can work here :-)

Wonderful use of a small corner space in a room. Frugal yet practical woven baskets to hold the necessities. A great addition is the pull out counter to fold the clothes on between the stacked dryer and washer.

A beautiful location for laundry room right by the windows! The happy pattern on the wall and the gorgeous window seat is so inviting. A counter for ironing and folding, this is a really good design.

Good utilization of small space, perfect for an apartment or condo. Nifty shelves on the wall and a nook is converted into a fully equipped laundry space. Storage atop the dryer is a good use too!

Whether its the basement or garage, using some wall shelving it can be easily converted into a work space. If you are looking for ideas for storage, this is a good solution. Cost effective too.

A beautiful way to hide washer and dryer in the mud room. The rustic cabinets add a charming touch to the laundry area. Counter is multi-functional, make sure its heat resistant if you intend to iron on it.

This is such a genius of an idea! Though it would need solution to plumbing and proper ventilation. Such a seamless utilization of space and easily within reach even when busy.

Practical tip, having a drawer organized to hold your basic sewing kit will help mend at once. Having it within easy reach might save you effort and time. Use a cutlery organizer!

Love this nifty idea! A retractable ironing board to help keep it seamless. It would be awesome in any laundry room.

Crafty minds at work! Who can resist this amazing embroidery hoop and pillowcase laundry bag/catch all. Assemble when you want and remove when done!

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